This article explains the differences between a snapshot, an image, and a backup package.


A Snapshot is a copy of the current state of your server's data. Once you have taken a snapshot, you can restore the recorded state of your server's data whenever you need to do so. This can be useful, for example, if you are testing a new application, new software, or a change to the settings in your operating system. You can take one snapshot per server. This will be deleted automatically after 3 days.


An image is a complete backup copy of your server that can be stored in the IONOS Cloud Panel for a long time.

You can use an image to restore a server. Alternatively, you can use an image to install another server. This clones the original server.

Images can be created manually or automatically at regular intervals. The data to be backed up is not compressed during image creation.

Backup Package

A backup package is particularly useful for planned, medium and long-term backups. With a backup package, you can back up and restore the servers you host in an IONOS data center. Your back ups are managed from the backup console. To perform backups, you must install the Backup Agent on the server to be backed up and register the server in the Backup Console.

The backup console offers you a variety of configuration options for your backups. When configuring a backup plan, you can specify, for example, whether the entire server, individual drives, or individual files are to be backed up. You can also use the Backup Console to set a schedule, set the desired retention period and compression level, and enable encryption of your backups. You can also map complex backup routines by configuring multiple backup plans. The monthly price for the backups you create is calculated based on the size of the disk space used.