1&1 IONOS Cloud Apps are fully configured and easy to install application packages. These application packages also include the infrastructure you need to operate the relevant application. Each 1&1 IONOS Cloud App has been optimized for the most common application scenarios and is made available to you in its latest software version.

1&1 IONOS Cloud Apps are suitable for the following application scenarios, for instance:

  • Use in a production environment

  • Complete development environment for team-based software development

  • Local development followed by distribution in the Cloud

  • Testing new applications

  • Managing parallel environments

  • Learning about new technologies

  • Launching new apps without special prior knowledge

You can find more information about 1&1 IONOS Cloud Apps here.

If you have any technical questions about 1&1 IONOS Cloud Apps, please contact our technology partner Bitnami.

If you have questions about your Cloud Server or about installing 1&1 IONOS Cloud Apps, please contact 1&1 IONOS Customer Support.