Creating an Image of Your Server

An image is a backup copy of your servers. You can restore your server by installing an image. You can also use an image to set up another server as a clone of the first one. With a backup plan, you can have images created automatically at regular, scheduled intervals. While an image is being created, you cannot make changes to your server. To create an image:


You are in the Infrastructure > Images section of the Cloud Panel.

  • Click Create.

  • Enter a name for the image.

  • Select the Create an Image option.

  • Select the server from which you want to create the image.

  • If you want the images to be created automatically, click View.

    You can store up to 50 images. As soon as the limit is reached, the oldest image is deleted.

    • Activate the Automatic Image Creation.

    • Select an interval.

    • Enter the maximum number of images to be saved.

  • Click Create.

The image is now being created. This process may take a few minutes.