For Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers managed in the Cloud Panel

You can edit an existing load balancer at any time.


You are in the area Network > Load Balancers section of the Cloud Panel.

  • Click a load balancer in the list.
    The properties of the load balancer will be displayed.

  • In the Configuration section, you can set the rules.

    • If you want to save or create a rule, click .

    • To edit a rule, click .

    • If you want to delete a rule, click .

  • In the Assigned IP section, you can assign different servers to the load balancer.

    • Click Assign. All servers that have not been assigned to a load balancer are displayed.

    • Select one or more servers and click Apply Changes.

  • You can adjust the configured health checks in the Properties section. To change the health check, persistence or balancing procedure, click the pencil icon.