Creating a Monitoring Policy

You can use a monitoring policy to monitor your servers in the Cloud Panel, and to create rules specifying the events for which you would like to receive notifications. These notifications are displayed in the Warnings column in the server list view. You can also have the notifications sent to an email address of your choice.


You can only monitor servers that have an IP address assigned.

To create a monitoring policy:

  • Click Security > Monitoring Policies on the left.

  • At the top, click Create.

  • Enter a name.

  • Select an option under Use Agent:

    • With Agent:  enables all monitoring policy functions. However, the policy will be active only after installing the Monitoring Agent on the relevant server.

    • No Agent:  the disk space and the server processes are not monitored. This option is active immediately.

Please Note

Agentless monitoring policies cannot be used to monitor a Dedicated Server.

  • Set the appropriate alert settings: 

    In the Warning and Critical columns, enter the threshold values you want to be notified by email, if exceeded. Activate the Send email option next to the threshold values you want to be notified by email for, if exceeded. 

    In the Email section, enter the desired email address. 

    To monitor a port, enter the following data in the Ports section:

    • Protocol: protocol used by the port to be monitored

    • Port: number of the port to be monitored

    • Warn if:  condition under which a warning appears

    • Send email: An email is sent automatically if a warning appears.

    To save the port, click

    To have a process monitored, enter the following data under Processes:

    • Process: the process to be monitored

    • Warn if:  condition to be met so that a warning appears

    • Send Email:  An email is automatically sent if a warning message appears.

  • Click Create

    The monitoring policy is being created. This process may take several minutes.

  • Click Assign.

  • Assign the policy to one or several servers.

  • Click Save Changes.