For Dedicated Servers

General Information

A Dedicated Server and its assigned main IP address are always included in the default network. If necessary, you can add an additional public network as part of creating a server or assign the server to an existing public network.

You can use public networks to implement use cases such as floating IPs or virtualizing computers.

A public network is a custom VLAN with public IP addressing. When you create a public network, a VLAN ID is reserved for you. Additionally, a selected IP address is assigned to this VLAN. Based on your selection (subnet or IP address), a virtual gateway is configured. The IP address is automatically assigned to this gateway, and the server you create is automatically assigned to this VLAN.

The IP addresses assigned to the public network are for use with virtual servers configured in your Dedicated Server. By default, the main IP address associated with the default network should be the only IP address configured in the Dedicated Server operating system. The main IP address assigned to the server and the IP addresses assigned to the public network cannot be used simultaneously on the server.

To use an IP address assigned to the public network directly with an IONOS Dedicated Server, you must disable the main IP address previously used in the network configuration. You must then configure both the IP address assigned to the public network in the server's operating system and the new gateway. Furthermore, you must remove the previous configuration that was assigned to the default network.

Overview of the Network > Public Network Section in the Cloud Panel

In Cloud Panel, your public networks are listed in a table in the Network > Public Network section. This table lists the most important information about each public network:

Name: Name assigned to the public network. You can change the name at any time.

Status: Current status of the public network

Gateways: Virtual gateway configured for the public network

Data Center: Data center that hosts the public network

Creation date: Date on which the public network was created

Assigned IP addresses/subnets: IP addresses/subnets assigned to the public network

Assigned servers: Servers assigned to the public network