VMware Tools for Cloud Servers

For Cloud Servers

The VMware Tools are programs and drivers required for the smooth operation of the Cloud Server.

VMware Tools are installed directly on the guest operating system. They not only improve performance but also provide additional functionality to simplify virtual machine (VM) administration.

Please note: The tools are pre-installed in our standard images. If the tools are missing - for example after an ISO installation - they can be installed via the DVD drive function.

Determining the installed version
  • Linux: Establish an SSH connection to your 1&1 IONOS cloud server. Then, enter the following command in the terminal window:
:~# vmware-toolbox-cmd -v (build-1280544)
  • Windows: Control Panel> Open ProgramsandFeatures, click on VMwareTools and read the version below

Are the VMware Tools running?
  • Linux:

:~# status vmware-tools
vmware-tools start/running
  • Windows: Check in the task manager if the process vmtoolsd.exe (VMware Tools Core Service) is running.

VMware Tools is not installed?

Install VMware Tools using an ISO image.