Connect to Windows Server via Remote Desktop

For Dedicated Server, Virtual Server, Dynamic Cloud Server with Windows operating system

Learn how to establish a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) to your server, from your Windows computer. The Remote Desktop Connection is pre-installed on all Windows systems and gives you direct access to the server's desktop interface.


Step 1

Open the Remote Desktop Connection program.

  • Windows 7: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection

  • Windows 8: On the Home screen, type the search term Remote Desktop Connection and click Remote Desktop Connection in the list of results.

  • Windows 10: Click the search box in the taskbar and enter the search term Remote Desktop Connection. Then select the App Remote Desktop Connection.

Step 2

In the Remote Desktop Connection window, click Options (Windows 7) or ShowOptions (Windows 8, Windows 10).

Step 3

In the Computer field, enter the IP address of the server.

Step 4

In the User name field, enter the user name. The default user name is 'administrator.'

Optional: To save the credentials, check the Allow me to save credentials box.

Step 6

Click Connect.

Step 7

Enter the password and click OK.

Step 8

The first time you connect to a server using Remote Desktop, you must confirm the security certificate by clicking Yes.

The Remote Desktop Connection will now be established, and the server's Desktop will now appear in the window.

Please Note

A session is created for each user that connects to your server, and there is a maximum of two simultaneous connections. If the Remote Desktop window is closed, the session will remain active. To end a session, you must log off the server from the Start Menu.