If you have received an email from IONOS that seems suspicious, it's possible that it could be a phishing email.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is cyber crime where an individual attempts or succeeds in collecting sensitive data, such as user names, passwords, credit card numbers or banking information.

The most common method is to send an e-mail that appears to be from a company the recipient has an account with. The company logo and colors are often used to avoid the recipient becoming suspicious. In some cases, the email may look identical to the real, genuine email that the company sends themselves.

While the email may look similar, or even identical to the real version, the phishing email will have links to a malicious site or an attached file that contains malware or a virus. Modified links often direct the recipient to a website that looks similar to the one they expect, where a username and password, or payment information must be supplied or "confirmed" by re-entering. This information is then used by the culprit to gain access to your accounts.

How to Determine If the Email is Really From IONOS

We have compiled detailed information with examples and screenshots in a separate article for you.

If the Email Is a Phishing Attempt

  • Do not open email attachments.

  • Do not click on any of the links.

  • Do not reply to the email.

  • Report the email and then delete it.

If You've Clicked One of the Links or Opened an Attachment

Even if you did not enter any login information on the website visited, or the attachment appeared to be harmless, your device could have been unknowingly compromised by malware or a virus. If you've entered any login information, you will have to change your password immediately.

  • Scan your device with anti-virus software.
  • Change Your IONOS Account Password immediately. It is best to do this from another device or computer that did not open the email.

Download the IONOS app from the Apple Store for iOS, or from Google Play for Android.

If You've Provided Any Banking or Credit Card Information

Immediately contact the relevant financial institution or credit card provider. They will advise you on further steps to secure your account.

Protecting Your Devices for the Future

The following are free anti-virus options to protect yourself from vulnerabilities in the future:

For long-term protection, we recommend our Norton Security Package, which you can purchase and download from the IONOS Shop.