Login Security at IONOS

We at IONOS take account security very seriously. In order to protect the login to your IONOS account, we react immediately to suspicious activities such as brute force attacks.

In a brute force attack, attackers attempt to crack a password by using software that executes as many character combinations as possible in rapid succession. Using a high-performance computer, the algorithm used tests a very large number of combinations in the shortest possible time.

A brute force attack is mainly successful with short passwords consisting only of letters, because then there are only a small number of combinations. This makes it much easier to guess the password.

IONOS Protects Your Account Against Brute Force Attacks

  • After multiple unsuccessful login attempts in a short time, we try to exclude the possibility that a bot is being used to log in by asking you to enter an additional account detail (zip code | city | first name | last name | phone number). Alternatively, you can provide confirmation by email that you are "not a robot".

  • In the event of an extremely high or unusual number of login attempts, we will block your IONOS account for a certain period of time. You can unblock your IONOS account at any time by email. You can then log in again immediately.

These precautions on our part do not mean that the password for your IONOS account has been compromised or hacked.

However, now is a good time to think about the security of your passwords. With a complex password, you make it considerably more difficult for attackers and thus make an important contribution to the security of your IONOS account. The article "How to create a secure password" provides help for a secure password.