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You will learn how to design your website with the Website Builder.

Step 1

The first step is to set up a ###WEBSITE_BUILDER###project. In this article we describe the necessary steps.

Step 2

With the layout you determine the design of your homepage. You can choose your favourite from a number of basic layout variants. How you do this is described in this article.

step 3

This description shows you how to set up navigation and add more pages.

Step 4

You can insert elements, text fields and headings into your new website. We will show you how to do this in this manual.

Step 5

In this article you will learn how to upload your images to the new website.

Step 6

Read here how to set up and edit your gallery.

Step 7

You can upload your own logo for the header area. The size and position within the range is freely selectable. We have compiled the individual steps for you in this description.

Step 8

Here you can learn how to insert a cover picture on your website.

Step 9

You can use hyperlinks to insert links to sub-pages or any website on the Internet. This article describes the procedure.

Step 10

Contact forms and Google Maps (only in the Plus version) can be found directly in the editor under Insert Elements > Contact and Communication.

We provide a guest counter under Insert Elements > Web Services.

Step 11

In this description you will learn how to enter a search engine optimized (SEO) page description for your website and how to edit your page title.

Step 12

The obligation to provide an imprint is very important. In this description we show you the furnishing.

Step 13

Link your domain to the Website Builder-project as described in this manual.

Step 14

Do you have to make new changes to your finished website later? Then you will find in this article, the procedure how to activate the construction site page.