With HiDrive - the cloud solution from IONOS - you can store, edit, and share your data securely and with GDPR-compliance in the IONOS data centers.

With a computer, smartphone, or tablet; Privately or professionally; Alone or with a team: HiDrive is the simple and fast online storage solution to have up-to-date data always and everywhere.

This article will help you get started with HiDrive. An overview of all existing HiDrive topics in the Help Center can be found here.

Setting Up IONOS HiDrive

HiDrive is ready for operation in just a few steps. After the one-time activation through your IONOS account, you can link all of the devices you will use with HiDrive. There are various options available to you for this:

Possible Uses of HiDrive

After setting up HiDrive, the following usage options are available to you, among others:


One of the greatest advantages of HiDrive is the sharing of data. The articles Using shared folders and Managing HiDrive Users explain the basics.

For the best possible security of your data, HiDrive supports the use of VeraCrypt and Boxcryptor and provides its own encryption feature.


Backup of Your Devices

HiDrive supports you with backups of your important data:

General information about managing your HiDrive backups is available here.