For Web Hosting and Managed Server packages

You can set up extra FTPS and SFTP accounts to access your web space in addition to your main account. For example, if you want another person to have access only to a specific directory in your web space (e.g. to create a website), create a new account and assign the desired directory to it.

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click Menu > Hosting in the title bar. If you have multiple contracts, select the desired Hosting contract.
  • In the SFTP & SSH or FTPS tile, click Manage. Which of these two options is displayed depends on whether you have a Linux-based or Windows-based web hosting plan.
  • Click Create New Account. If this option does not appear, you have already set up all the accounts included in your plan. In this case, you can delete an account you no longer need or switch to a package with a higher number of accounts.

    The Create New FTP Account page appears.
  • Set a secure password for the account.
  • Optional: If you do not want the account to have access to all existing directories, you can assign a specific directory to the account. To do this, click Change in the Directory: line and select the directory in the overview. Access is then possible only to the selected directory and the folders it contains.
Please Note

This separation and access restriction takes place only at the FTPS/SFTP level. It does not apply, for example, to access via PHP scripts. To achieve true separation at the web space level, we recommend creating a new, separate contract (with a new, dedicated web space).

  • Optional: Add a description for the account in the Personal Note field.
  • Click Save.

The account is now set up. This may take 1-2 minutes.

Please Note

The user name is automatically assigned by the system and cannot be changed.