Connecting to Your Webspace via Secure Shell (SSH) using PuTTY

For Linux Webhosting and Managed Dedicated Server packages with Shell (SSH) Access

Learn how to connect to your webspace via SSH using the program PuTTY.

PuTTY is a free program for Windows operating systems that allows SSH encrypted connections to the command line (shell) of a remote server. This makes it possible to execute commands directly on the remote server.

Step 1

Download PuTTY to your computer and run putty.exe.

Step 2

For Host Name (or IP address), type the host name displayed in IONOS (e.g. Make sure that the Connection type is set to SSH and leave the Port set as 22.

Step 3

From the left hand menu, select Data in the Connection category.

Step 4

Enter the SSH username.

The SSH username is the same as the main FTP user. This is the only username that has SSH access. Any additional FTP accounts that were created will not have SSH access.

Step 5

From the left hand menu, select the Session category.

Step 6

Save the settings by assigning a name such as IONOS SSH under Saved Sessions and then clicking Save so you don't have to re-enter this data each time.

Step 7

Click Open to start the session.

Step 8

The first time you connect, the fingerprint of the hosting server is displayed. For security, compare it with the fingerprints listed below to confirm.

Updated: 07/01/2018

MD5:78:e7:07:a3:7d:80:e5:63:c7:87:48:f5:0b:c9:be:69 (ECDSA)
MD5:e5:f0:4b:35:d1:61:e4:c1:4d:6c:76:41:30:fb:53:ff (RSA)
MD5:0d:15:61:04:10:c2:d7:ce:af:55:68:0a:7c:9c:b8:d7 (ED25519)

SHA1:a/4yyIWalnyO1s691cSLcu3/ccc (RSA)
SHA1:vY5oDjtaCQDEvWOOLI6d4bQHK/U (ED25519)

SHA256:J4oM+B2g7zZWAI3DolXR1e4vdIMrGO301kEN14/slsQ (ECDSA)
SHA256:psLDE8kfhoS9GWrc/GTrdlPvyKPcWcGZv2JxOCvwF3w (RSA)
SHA256:1gx2w8Rtv3wCgi7Jh8myf/KVd72cRQbow03UP8P095Q (ED25519)
Please Note:

We may use new host keys on our servers from time to time for additional security. If we set a new host key, your SSH program will display an error message that the host key has changed. If this happens, please compare to the updated fingerprint on this page for your security.

Step 9

The connection is established. Enter your password and press Enter.

Hint: For security reasons, the password is not displayed as you type. You can still correct any mistakes with the backspace key, as you normally would.

You are now connected to your webspace via SSH.

You can now use the command line to complete your tasks, such as Creating or Editing Files with the vi Editor via SSH.

The next time you use PuTTY, you can click on the saved name (e.g. IONOS SSH) and click the Load button to load your connection data. Then click the Open button to connect.