Transferring Files with FileZilla via SFTP

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For 1&1 IONOS Linux-Hosting with Webspace
(For 1&1 IONOS Windows Hosting packages you will find the instructions here)

Transfer files, e.g. your homepage, to the web space of your 1&1 IONOS hosting package with FileZilla.

By uploading or downloading files, you update elements of your Internet presence, such as HTML files and photos.

Step 1

Open FileZilla.

Step 2

If you have already saved your SFTP connection data in FileZilla Server Manager, open it via File > Server Manager and click Connect.

step 3

Alternatively, you can enter the connection data manually via the quick bar:

For servers, enter the 1&1 IONOS FTP server. Then comes your (FTP-)username and your (FTP-)password. For the port, please specify 22 (for a secure connection). Then click Connect.

Step 4

Wait until you are connected to the server. You have now established an encrypted and secure connection to the server and can work with FileZilla.

Step 5

You will now see the directories and files on your computer on the left and the files and folders on your web space on the right.

To upload a file, simply select the folder in which the file is located in the left window. Then click on the file you want to upload.

Note: Downloading files works in almost the same way, except that you select the desired file in the right pane instead of the left pane.

Step 6

In the right pane, select a folder to move the file to. Drag the file you want to upload to the right pane (using Drag & Drop).

The desired file will now be uploaded to your web space.