For Cloud Backup

To verify that your backup service is running or that the Cyber Protection Agent is installed correctly on your server, follow these steps:

Viewing the Log Entries of the Backup Software

  • Open the Backup Console.

  • In the Devices > All Devices section, click the gear icon for the desired device.

  • Click Activities.

    The log entries of the backup software are displayed.

Please Note

The log entries are stored in the following files on the respective server types:

Server running Microsoft Windows Server:


Servers running Linux operating systems:


Enabling Advanced Logging

Advanced logging provides additional support in troubleshooting situations. To activate the advanced logging, proceed as follows:

Please Note

To avoid unnecessarily large log files and resource usage, disable advanced logging as soon as you no longer need it.

Enable Advanced Logging in Windows Server:
  • Log in to the server as an administrator.

  • To open the Run window, press the key combination [Windows key] + [R].

  • Type the command sysdm.cpl and click OK.

  • On the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables.

  • In the System Variables section, click New.

  • Set the variable named ASC_TRACE_LEVEL with the value info.

  • Click OK.

  • Press the key combination [Windows key] + [R].

  • Type the command compmgmt.msc and click OK.

  • Click Services and Applications.

  • Double-click Services.

  • Right-click Acronis Managed Machine Service.

  • To restart the Acronis Managed Machine Service, click Restart.

    The Acronis Managed Machine Service will then restart.

Enabling Advanced Logging in Linux:
  • Log in to the server as an administrator.

  • Run the following commands:

    [root@localhost ~]# sudo service acronis_mms stop
    [root@localhost ~]# cd /usr/sbin/
    [root@localhost ~]# sudo cp acronis_mms acronis_mms.bak

  • To edit the acronis_mms file with vi, enter the following command:

    [root@localhost ~]# vi acronis_mms

  • The vi editor has an insert mode and a command mode. You can enter the insert mode by pressing the [i] key. In this mode, the entered characters are immediately inserted into the text. To enter the Command Mode, press [ESC] when you are finished.

    When you use Command mode, your keyboard input is interpreted as a command.

  • To exit vi and save the file, type the command :wq, and then press Enter.

  • Go to the following line:

    exec $WRAPPER /usr/lib/Acronis/BackupAndRecovery/mms "$@"

  • Above this line, add the following line:

    export ASC_TRACE_LEVEL=info

  • Save the changes and close the file.

  • To restart the backup service, enter the following command:

    [root@localhost ~]# sudo service acronis_mms start