To create backups on computers running Windows, Linux, or macOS, you must configure a protection plan in the Backup Console after installing the Cyber Protection Agent. The protection plan is required to create regular backups.

When you register a server in the Backup Console, a protection plan is automatically set up to back up the entire server.

Please Note

To create complex backup routines, you can also configure multiple protection plans for a device.

Creating a Protection Plan in the Backup Console

  • Log in to the Cloud Panel.

  • Go to the Backup > Backup Packages section in the left navigation bar.

  • Click the Access to Backup Console link in your desired location.

  • In the Devices > All Devices section, click the gear icon next to the desired device.

  • Click Protect.

  • If you have not created a protection plan yet, the settings of the new protection plan will open automatically. If you have already created a protection plan, click Add plan to create a new protection plan. You will then be shown suitable protection plans. To select the desired protection plan, click Apply next to the protection plan name.

  • To check and configure the settings of the desired protection plan, click the arrow pointing to the right next to the Apply button.

  • Check the settings. To adjust settings individually, click the right arrow next to the desired setting.

  • Click Apply next to the desired plan.

The service quotas used for the protection plan are displayed.

  • Click Confirm.

The protection plan is now set up.