Recovering a Server from an Image

You might need to revert your Server back to a previous state for several possible reasons. Fortunately, you can restore your Server from a backup image at any time.

Please Note
  • Do not make changes to the Server while an image is being created. 

  • The credentials on the image will be identical to those of the originating server.


You are in the Infrastructure  > Servers section of the ###CLOUD_PANEL###.

  • Select the desired Server.

  • Click Actions.

  • Click Reinstall Image.

  • Click on My Images.

  • Select the desired image.

  • Optional: In the Advanced Options area, click Show.

  • Optional: To manually configure your server's post-creation script after the reinstallation, insert the desired post-creation script in the User Data field.

  • Click Reinstall Image.

The Server will now be restored. This process may take a few minutes.