Performance Levels are additional setting options for the PHP version of your webspace. They allow you to adjust PHP's memory limit and RAM in order to respond to changing web project requirements, such as higher access numbers.

This article informs you about the use of performance levels in IONOS WordPress packages. For details about the different WordPress packages, please see this article.

Performance Levels in WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress

For WordPress hosting plans purchased on or after September 27, 2022, the performance level is fixed to the corresponding plan:

  Start Grow Boost
Performance Level 3 4 5

An individual adjustment of these performance levels is not possible.

Please Note

WooCommerce Hosting, an IONOS online store solution based on WordPress, uses Performance Level 5.

Performance Levels with Shared Hosting WordPress

This section applies if you are using an IONOS hosting package with WordPress installed through the IONOS App Store or an official installation package in your webspace.

Performance Levels are available to you in all web hosting plans that were ordered on or after March 22, 2017, or changed your package after that date. Details about this can be found in the article Web Hosting Performance Levels - FAQ.

With shared hosting WordPress, the performance level can be adjusted regardless of the package you are using. You can find out how to do this in the article Changing Your Performance Level.

For older web hosting plans, the article PHP Script Limits in IONOS Web Hosting Packages lists the value of MEMORY_LIMIT, MAX_EXECUTION_TIME and NPROC.