Connecting a Domain to WordPress

For WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress (Learn more about your IONOS WordPress version)

By linking to a domain, your WordPress project becomes available at your own chosen Internet address. This article explains how to connect your domain.

Connecting WordPress with your Domain

  • Go to the Websites & Stores section of your IONOS account.
  • If necessary, click the Manage Website button in the corresponding tile of your project.
  • Click the Settings tab below the domain name.
  • In the Project Settings > Domain data group, click the Connect domain link. A listing of your registered domains opens.
  • Optional. Select Register Domain if you want to use a new domain.
  • Click on the row with the domain you want to use.

The selected domain will be connected to your WordPress project. Please note that this process will temporarily lock the ability to change other WordPress project settings.

SSL Encryption

Encryption of communication between a website and its users is an important factor for data protection on the Internet. For this reason, IONOS automatically sets up an SSL certificate for your domain.