In the HiDrive web app, HiDrive uses the Personal, Common, and Shared items in the left menu bar to manage user access to HiDrive data. This article explains the differences among these options.


Files and folders below this menu item have been uploaded or created by you. If no sharing has taken place, e.g. via right click > Share, only you have access to the corresponding object. Please note that shares are in the form of a link, so everyone with this link has access to the corresponding object. Shared objects are marked with a Shared icon, which displays further options when clicked:

For more information about sharing files/folders and which options are available, please see the article Sharing HiDrive Files and Folders.

Common (formerly labeled "Public")

This menu item lists the objects that you share with other users from your HiDrive package. Access permissions are assigned separately using the HiDrive menu item Administration: Shared folders . The article Sharing HiDrive Files and Folders provides additional information about the different options. Sharing by link as described in the previous section Personal is also possible.

Please note that the menu item Common was called Public before July 2020.


Shared lists all files and folders that you have shared with others via a link.