For IONOS Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers, which are managed in the Cloud Panel

This article explains how to set up additional user accounts in the IONOS Cloud Panel. You can assign a role to these user accounts. By assigning a role, you specify which sections and actions may be viewed or performed by the user in the Cloud Panel. By default, a user account is assigned the administrator role.

When creating an additional user, you can also select whether the user must use two-factor authentication (2FA). With two-factor authentication (2FA) active, the Cloud Panels can only be used after two independent components (factors) have been entered. These are the username/password combination you have assigned and a numerical code generated by an app at the time you log in.

Please Note

Login for user accounts that you set up in the Cloud Panel who do not have access to your IONOS account is only possible under the following URL:

How to create a new user:

  • Log in to your IONOS account and click on the Servers & Cloud tile.

  • If necessary, select the desired server/cloud contract.

    The Cloud Panel opens.

  • In the menu on the left, click Management > Users.

  • Click Create.

  • Enter the desired name.

  • In the Password field, enter the password and repeat it.

  • Select the desired role.

  • Select if you would like two-factor authentication to be required.

  • Finally, click Create.