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Why having a business website is vital

Your customers are online

Your website is the first contact many potential customers get with your company. By creating a professional presence, you can build trust in your products and services.

As well as describing and introducing your company, a commercial website should provide important information like opening hours, directions with a map view, and the option to get in touch via a contact form or a professional email address.

MyWebsite Now Plus enables you to do all this and includes many other useful tools in an easy-to-use website builder. You don't need a web designer or programming skills in order to create a website your customers will love.

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Get inspired with a template

Optimised for PCs and mobile devices.

Build a website for your business

With responsive designs, customisation options, image editing and search engine optimisation.

Drag and drop editor

Design your website your way

Building your website is easy with MyWebsite Now Plus. Drag and drop content, and arrange everything the way you want using a simple grid.

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Presence Suite

Keep track of your project

Save yourself time and manage everything from one dashboard, the Presence Suite. Check your progress, get suggestions for the next steps, and access apps and other IONOS products you're using.

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Automated monitoring tool

Outpace your competition

Stay one step ahead with MyWebsite Now's integrated monitoring tool. You can easily track your competitors' social media and Google activity, so you always know what's going on.

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Get found more easily

Boost your visibility with SEO and social media

Integrated search engine optimisation (SEO) makes it possible to measure and improve your website's performance. You'll get easy to understand stats, which you can use to optimise your content in a targeted way. Use MyWebsite's built-in SEO tools and optional SEA (search engine advertising).

By integrating social media, you can also contact customers directly through your website. All your accounts can be easily connected. This way, you can always be present where your target group is.

An SSL certificate included in the package ensures that any data transferred to and from your website is encrypted. This protects your visitors and improves your Google ranking.

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Legal assurance for your company website

Make your website GDPR compliant in just a few clicks.

Create privacy settings and cookie banners

With MyWebsite Now's built-in cookie management tool, you offer your visitors full control over which cookies and content are used and displayed. You can choose categories to better inform visitors or set privacy settings by region and language.

Your website will also be automatically checked for any technologies that require consent.

With transparent privacy and cookie settings, your visitors will know that you take data protection seriously. It will also help make your website legally complaint.


Stay in touch with your customers

MyWebsite Now business app make it easy.

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Online booking tool

Allow your visitors to make an appointment or reservation without reaching for the phone.


Make it easy for your visitors to find their way to your shop with Google Maps route planning.

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Image archive

A picture is worth a thousand words, whether it's a customer testimonial or a team photo.

Contact form

Add a contact so customers can easily get in touch with questions or feedback.

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Opening hours

Inform your visitors in detail about when and how you can be reached.

Essential features for your business website

Drag and drop

Just click and drag to move your content around. It's that simple.

SEO ready

Dynamic features help you get found on Google and other search engines.

Responsive design

Desktop, smartphone, tablet – your website looks good on any device. This means your customers get a great user experience.

Quickly built with sections

Predefined sections with content suggestions help to quickly get your website up and running.


Our affordable prices aren't paid for by advertising. Your visitors will only see your products or services. Nothing else.

Sell online

Choose MyWebsite eCommerce for an integrated online shop with all major payment and shipping options included.

Professional email address

Promote your brand with an email that matches your business.

Bonus features

A first-year domain, an SSL certificate and a professional email address are all included in your contract.

Choose your MyWebsite Now package

Responsive design

Online storage

Personal consultant

Tips via email


From idea to website in record time with our AI Website Builder

Intuitive website editing with simple design options

Domain included for 1 year

Professional email address with 2 GB inbox

Includes 10 GB webspace & 10 pages


From idea to website in record time with our AI Website Builder

Intuitive website editing with advanced design options

Domain included for 1 year

Professional email address with 12 GB inbox

Includes 50 GB webspace & 200 pages


Integrated online booking tool

AI Text Generator & AI Text Improver

Professional design with AI Image Generator & AI Color Palette Generator

AI SEO Text Generator


From idea to website in record time with our AI Website Builder

Intuitive website editing with advanced design options

Domain included for 1 year

Professional email address with active sync on all devices and 50 GB inbox

Unlimited webspace & pages

SiteAnalytics Plus

Integrated online booking tool

AI Text Generator & AI Text Improver

Professional design with AI Image Generator & AI Color Palette Generator

AI SEO Text Generator

SEO-optimization with rankingCoach Standard

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Design consultation and a website with 3 customized pages

1 website edit per quarter

1 free domain and 5 email accounts

Special offer


Design consultation and a website with 5 customized pages

1 website edit per month

1 free domain and 5 email accounts


Design consultation and a website with 7 customized pages

Unlimited website edits

1 free domain and 5 email accounts

State and local taxes will apply. Click here for our General Terms and Conditions.

We've got your back - every step of the way

Your very own personal consultant

Got a question? Your personal consultant is always available to offer expert advice and make sure you get the most out of your site. Just ask...

  • ...How can I start a blog using MyWebsite?
  • ...How can I rank better on Google?
  • ...Which colour palette should I use for my industry?
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Explore more ways to create your website

Icon: Website Design Service

We build your website

No time to build your own site? Our skilled team of designers will create a stunning and responsive website for your business at a fixed price.Getting your dream website has never been easier.

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Sell online

An online shop can be added to a MyWebsite Now package at any time.Benefit from the integrated eCommerce tools of the MyWebsite packages - perfect for selling on Amazon, Google Shopping and eBay.

Creating a successful business website

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

An SSL certificate serves as proof of a website’s identity and also enables the browser and server to establish an encrypted connection. All information transmitted by your website is encrypted, which protects it from third-party access. This is important, for example, for contact forms integrated on your website that enable customers to interact with your company.

An SSL certificate is the industry standard

Regardless of a company’s size and the range of products and services on its website, appropriate encryption is industry standard. It ensures data security and increases customer trust, and is very important for a company’s reputation. Every company website should therefore have a valid SSL certificate. If no certificate is available, some web browsers even issue a security warning. A missing SSL certificate can also have a negative effect on search engine rankings, which is definitely something no business wants.

Modern encryption

SSL stands for "Secure Sockets Layer", which is a protocol for establishing authenticated and encrypted links between networked computers. The term "SSL certificate" is now synonymous when it comes to certifying modern encryption protocols. This is still the case even though the TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificate, a newer and more secure standard, has largely replaced its predecessor, SSL. The term "SSL certificate" may still be used even though it is actually referring to a TLS encryption.

The abbreviation ROPO stands for "Research online, purchase offline", referring to the phenomenon whereby consumers first obtain information online about a product, but only decide to purchase it in a shop where they can have a proper look at it and actually touch it.

Online presence

Creating a business website is a great way to draw attention to what your company is offering and encourage customers to buy the products or use the services. It is irrelevant whether the purchase is made online or offline. Both distribution channels are interlocked and can complement each other.

Increase sales

A well-thought-out and properly optimised online shop also greatly benefits your brick and mortar shop. In order to make the most out of these selling opportunities, businesses with sales intentions should create a business website using a practical website construction kit, or have one created for them.

As well as MyWebsite Now Plus, you can use WordPress to make a website for your business, display your company’s goods in several languages, access customer reviews and online appointment planners via business web apps, and conveniently manage reservations while out and about.

Yes. There are helpful tools that you can use for local search engine optimisation. This will increase your reach and make it easier for you to be found online as well as locally. These include online registers or web portals where you enter your company’s location and contact details. In most cases, you can also define local keywords and, if necessary, even upload pictures and videos. These registers and portals are like online business directories, which many users access either directly or indirectly (for example, via search engine results).

Optimisation measures like these are an important building block for local SEO. In this way, you are actively increasing your website’s ability to rank better, at best, in local search queries on Google and other important web portals. Your localised content will then be listed higher in the search results and can be found more easily by interested parties and (potential) customers when their search queries correspond to what your business is providing. Moreover, due to taking advantage of these registers, your company location and relevant information can also be found in numerous apps and navigation systems that access these location-based data sources. Potential customers have everything they need to know about your company on their screens. And in the best-case scenario - more customers means more sales.

Of course, you can always create profiles manually on dozens of relevant portals, although it does take a lot of time and effort to create each profile, enter the information, and keep checking it to make sure it is always up-to-date. In addition to this, you may have to wait a while for your entries to be activated.

Would you like to benefit from these web portals for local SEO without spending a lot of time setting them up? Do you want to save yourself the time of having to maintain multiple accounts? You can do this with List Local from IONOS. The advantage of this highly effective tool is that with List Local, you can conveniently and efficiently manage your data via a single user account, which is connected to all the other platforms where your company is listed. This saves you having to interact with each individual online register or web portal, and yet you still benefit fully from all the possibilities for your local search engine optimisation. Would you like to change, update, or add new information? Thanks to List Local, this can be done with just a few clicks. All changes are directly and automatically applied to all linked portals.

Another advantage: with List Local, you not only keep your information up-to-date and protect it from being manipulated in any way, but the tool also makes customer support much easier. Thanks to a clearly arranged inbox, you have a central overview of new customer reviews, comments, and photo uploads for your company in all linked portals. If necessary, you can react more quickly and respond to inquiries and customer feedback.

If you don't have time to create a business website yourself, or you want a professional to make one for you, the IONOS Website Design Service is here to help. Our team can design your images, text, and logo to your specifications and ensure that your website functions seamlessly for an enhanced user experience. We can also help you optimise your website for better visibility in top search engines.

Once your professionally designed website is up and running, the IONOS Website Design Service will also help you maintain and update it on a regular basis. However, you still retain full control of your small business website and can edit and update it easily with the IONOS MyWebsite editor tool. If you want to find out more, you can contact our experts by telephone or email 24/7.