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  • Store, share, and edit data easily
  • Backed up and highly secure
  • Sync with all devices
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HiDrive Cloud Storage

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New Add HiDrive Office to collaborate on documents in real time.

Available anywhere

Shared access

Secure cloud storage


100 GB storage

1 user included

Automatic cloud backup

Two-factor authentication


250 GB storage

3 users included

Automatic cloud backup

Two-factor authentication


1 TB storage

5 users included

Automatic cloud backup

Two-factor authentication


2 TB storage

10 users included

Automatic cloud backup

Two-factor authentication

HiDrive Office

Extra protocols

Device backup

End-to-end encryption

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Unlimited flexibility

Access HiDrive from any device, any time — from the office or on the fly.

Access anywhere

Download the app to your smartphone or tablet to always have your files on hand. Laptop issues? Don't sweat it. Since your files are stored safely in the cloud, you can access them from any browser, on any device.

Sync across all devices

HiDrive integrates itself into your workday. The software for your Windows PC or Mac allows you to sync your folders to the cloud. Any changes you make to a file online or locally will be synced across all versions.

Collaborate securely

Create individual, password-protected accounts for each team member. Share projects with anyone using a link, and give people read-only access or editing rights. You can also set an expiration date for shared links, and even limit the number of downloads.

Save email attachments

Organize and access email attachments easier. Conveniently move them from any account to your HiDrive storage. Just forward the email to HiDrive and it will save all attachments in a designated folder.

Scan documents

Don't rely on paper, when you can go digital. Scan documents with the HiDrive app and save them as PDFs with text recognition. It’s an easy way to digitize anything from bills to contracts, making them easier to find when you need them.

Protocols & NAS

Integrate HiDrive into your systems using SFTP/FTPS, WebDAV, SMB/CIFS, rsync, SCP or Git. You can also automatically back up data from your network attached storage (NAS). HiDrive supports a range of network hard drives.

Stay productive and let HiDrive secure your work

Benefits of HiDrive online storage

Stay secure

Work safer. Automatic backups prevent unintended changes and deletions, and store previous versions of your work. You can also back up your NAS hardware or entire devices to protect against theft or outage.

Stay private

Your data privacy is important to us. Unlike free online storage providers, your HiDrive data will never be monetized. All of our data centers adhere to the ISO 27001 standard.

Stay in control

HiDrive gives you the power to decide who has the access rights to do what. Configure permissions, create passwords for each individual team member, or allow access to everyone with a link.

What do you want to do with your HiDrive?

Store your data more securely than on a hard drive

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Our recommendation

HiDrive Essential

If you want online storage on peak security, the Essential plan is a great place to start.

  • Your data is backed up regularly and automatically – you decide how often
  • Secure data transmission via SSL-256, and AES-128 encryption
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Share large files with your team or your clients

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Our recommendation

HiDrive Business

If you want to share and manage large files, HiDrive Business is for you.

  • Collaborate with up to five HiDrive users and easily manage access rights and passwords
  • Share files externally via a link
  • Access your data offline any time thanks to cloud synchronisation
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Stay flexible with extended access via protocols

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Our recommendation

HiDrive Pro

If your team requires a variety of access protocols, choose HiDrive Pro.

  • Adjust access protocols for each individual user
  • Supported protocols: WebDav, SFTP/FTPS, rsync, SMB/CIFS, SCP, Git
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Back up your smartphone, tablet or PC to avoid data loss

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Our recommendation

HiDrive Pro

If you want to backup your devices to avoid data loss, HiDrive Pro is the best choice.

  • Securely store files (documents, photos, contacts and more) from your devices or PC in the cloud
  • Restore lost files anytime thanks to backup copies
  • Easily transfer your data if you change devices
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HiDrive data access and security

Take advantage of enhanced access and state-of-the-art security.

WebDAV and Protocols

Simply integrate HiDrive into your existing system infrastructure via WebDAV. HiDrive Pro also supports the following protocols:

  • SFTP/FTPS: Fast transfer with resume option if data transfer is interrupted
  • Rsync: The transmission standard for syncing data
  • SMB/CIFS: Drive integration for your operating system
  • SCP: Secure data transmission with SSH
  • Git: Secure Git repository for developers
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Encryption and two-factor authentication

Activate two-factor authentication for higher access security in HiDrive. As well as your password, you'll get a code generated by an authentication app which you can install on your smartphone.

With HiDrive Pro or as an add-on to other plans, you'll can activate end-to-end encryption. This means that nobody but you can access your HiDrive data. Encryption is done on Windows HiDrive software and can be transferred to your apps simply by scanning a QR code.

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Your personal consultant

At IONOS, you have a dedicated contact person for personalized advice, tips to boost your online success, and technical support. Reach them via phone, chat and email, all at no cost to you as an IONOS customer.

HiDrive cloud storage — FAQs

There are often many precious documents and photos saved on your devices. Losing any of this data due to theft or damage is never a nice thought. For employees, you might have PowerPoint presentations and digital assets like photos and videos on a laptop for a project, which is why cloud storage for a business is so important. With HiDrive you can back up all your work-related data and access it easily from any another device.

For private users, the online storage of photos with HiDrive allows you to save all the multimedia files that matter the most to you. This could be videos of your child’s first steps, your family’s vacation photos, or even your extensive music collection. Use cloud storage for music, photos, or any type of media that you want to keep safe.

The great thing about HiDrive is that your data is not only stored safely in the cloud, but other people can access it with your permission. For an entire team collaborating important project, it’s easy for everyone to organize and access the same documents using one business account. Even with other team members working on different devices around the world, ensure your team is on the same page with HiDrive data storage and rely less on emailing each other large documents.

HiDrive cloud storage works on several different devices and operating systems. It is possible to use HiDrive as a storage app, desktop software or directly in your web browser. Your stored data can be accessed by you on the online server whenever and wherever you need it, and across many different devices – from home, work or on the go. Here's a quick overview of the availability of HiDrive cloud storage on different devices:

  • Apps: The HiDrive storage app is available for iOS, Android. For iOS, version 9.3 or newer is required, as these versions have updated security features. The iOS app is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

  • Desktops: The desktop software for HiDrive cloud storage is compatible with Windows operating systems (Vista and newer). HiDrive software is also available for MacOS. Easily sync your files from your desktop to the cloud.

  • Web browsers: You can also access everything you've backed up on a web browser in case you don't have your mobile device or computer at hand – this is possible from any web browser, and is ideal in case you're working for or with an important client and your laptop or desktop computer fails. In this case, the web browser provides the ideal solution.

With HiDrive, you will be able to save all kinds of files, including Word or Excel documents, PDFs, video or XML files, various types of image files, or Photoshop and PSD files, HiDrive can store all of them, as well as many other formats. This means that you can use different programs, even on different operating systems and devices, and still store them all in the same place for secure, easy access whenever and wherever you need.

Storing large files is no problem with HiDrive. There is no set limit for file sizes — depending on your storage plan, you may have more space. The only actual restriction on possible space is the technically determined limits, but these are really very seldom reached. For example, if you have an Adobe Premiere Video project that you want to back up that is 10 GB, or even bigger, HiDrive can back up this large file without any problems. Extraordinarily large Photoshop files can also be uploaded, saved and shared on the online file server. This makes HiDrive one of the best cloud storage options, with the possibility to expand when you reach your file limit.

There is also no limit on the number of files and folders you have uploaded and saved to the cloud. There are of course some technical limits, but these are, again, hard to exceed. Furthermore, it is possible to store thousands of login files in one folder, meaning organizing and managing your online file storage is easy and workable.

It's very simple to integrate HiDrive into your current infrastructure. HiDrive Pro, especially, simplifies the process because it supports so many protocols. If you use a Windows operating system, automatic software distribution services like Baramundi are also supported, and can be configured for a proxy infrastructure.

HiDrive Pro supports these protocols:

  • (S)FTP/FTPS: fast data transfer with an option to pause and resume
  • WebDAV: folder integration on HTTP-basis
  • SMB/CIFS drive integration into your operating system
  • rSync: the standard for data synchronization
  • SCP: secure data transmission via SSH
  • Git: secure Git repository for developers

There is a current technical limitation of 10 devices per operating system per account. Simply put: 10 Android, 10 Windows and 10 iOS devices are allowed per account. This makes it one of the cheaper cloud storage options, because it allows for so many devices on one plan. Note that if you register an 11th Windows device, for example, the first one on the list is removed. So it depends on your personal needs — but it is possible to register all your devices!

If you wish, you can allow each of your users to back up five computers and three mobile devices using just one account — HiDrive is one of the best cloud storage providers due to its flexibility. It also offers highly secure smartphone backups, as well as PC and laptop backups, meaning that you can store all your personal or professional securely.

Cloud storage works with every kind of internet connection. Whether you have WiFi or LAN internet, you'll be able to make an online backup onto a cloud storage provider without any problems. It is good to note, however, that if you're planning to back up large video files, a quicker internet connection is better. Lots of big image files will also take longer to upload, regardless of the internet connection, but a slow connection will take longer. If you're also using the cloud storage for multiple devices at the same time, a reliable and fast internet connection will mean your cloud storage will work better.

In short, cloud storage works with all internet connections, but your usage will determine the internet connection speed you'll require.

This is an important question. Data privacy is paramount, and because of this, HiDrive offers secure data transfer through SSL256, and AES128 encrypted data storage. These measures are taken to ensure that your data is uploaded, transferred and stored using professional levels of security and to to protect you against cyber criminals. Cloud storage is much safer than having a local backup laying in an office drawer.

On top of this, each user has their own private and public folders. This ensures that there is not only a high level of security in terms of the stored data, but also enough privacy, so each user can manage their own projects and files. Each user has the potential to keep sensitive information, like personnel files, in their own private folders and choose which files can be accessed by everyone.

Yes, HiDrive gives you the option to encrypt all your files with end-to-end encryption.

HiDrive cloud storage is extremely secure. All data is encrypted during transfer using AES-256 encryption via SSL and with AES-128, when it is stored. You can additionally secure your files with end-to-end encryption (E2EE), which ensures robust data protection. Thanks to zero-knowledge encryption, potential hackers don’t have any chance of opening your files, even if they have your HiDrive login credentials.

While other cloud storage providers rely on third-party services like Boxcryptor for end-to-end encryption, IONOS has directly integrated E2EE into HiDrive cloud storage. With HiDrive Pro, you can secure everything from work documents to family photos in just a few clicks and at no extra charge. If you have one of the other HiDrive plans, you can add end-to-end encryption by purchasing an add-on.

If you are interested in additional measures for keeping your files safe, you can also activate two-factor authentication for your HiDrive login.

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