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Domains & Hosting
Domain plans include
1 Wildcard SSL Certificate per contract, email and private registration for eligible domains.

Domain Checker – Search & Find TLDs

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$11st year
$11st year
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Our domain search tools are simple to use

Domain name search

Please keep in mind that the choice of domain for your website is very important.

Before you check whether your desired domain name is available, make sure you've thought carefully about the right strategy for securing the ideal domain. Your domain:

  • Must consist of a minimum of 2–3 characters depending on the exact domain extension, like xy.com or xyz.org.
  • Must adhere to a maximum length of 63 characters, but we recommend that you keep it short so it's to remember.
  • Can include hyphens to explain in detail what your website is about, like my-flower-shop.com

Check availability

After using the IONOS by 1&1 domain checker, you will be presented with two options:

  1. The search result indicates that your desired domain is available. In this case, simply follow the registration process to secure it.
  2. The domain check tells you that someone already owns the domain you're after.

In this case ➔

  • Either refer to the alternative domain extensions suggested by our checker tool and see if those options work for you.
  • Or conduct another domain search using different wording for your new website.

Find domain owner

In order to find out who owns a given domain, please refer to the IONOS by 1&1 Whois Domain Lookup tool.

With this tool you can check:

  • Who the host of a domain is
  • Where a domain is registered
  • When a domain expires
  • At what point in time it was registered

Before you contact the current owner of the domain, make sure you're well prepared to negotiate the exact terms of the transfer of rights for your domain.

Domain Checker Tools – FAQ

Yes. This feature is available: Bulk domain search.

No. For an overview of discounted domains, please refer to the following page: Cheap domain registration.

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