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Domains & Hosting

Automate deployments for faster development

Go live in just three simple steps.

Git push

Connect your repository to Deploy Now and push your changes.


We set up a GitHub Actions workflow to run your build.


Results are deployed on reliable IONOS infrastructure automatically.

All your apps on one platform

Deploy Now detects your framework and configures your build automatically.

Supported frameworks:

  • Hugo
  • Gatsby
  • Gridsome
  • Nuxt.js
  • Next.js
  • Jekyll
  • Deploy Now also suports: Docusaurus, Vuepress, Vitepress, Hexo, Metalsmith, 11ty, UmiJS, Astro, Scully, ElderJS, Middleman, Nanoc, Pelican, mkdocs, Jigsaw, and Sculpin
Static site generators supported by Deploy Now

Supported frameworks:

  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue
  • Ionic
  • Svelte
  • Ember
Single page application frameworks supported by Deploy Now

Supported PHP frameworks:

  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Any other app using a PHP runtime component
PHP frameworks supported by Deploy Now

Add awesome features to your workflow

Shorten development times with a platform built for convenience.
Icon showing a stack

Fast setup

Git repository choice

GitHub users and organization owners can connect both private and public repositories.

Auto framework detection

We automatically scan your repository for the framework you use, and then set up your workflow using GitHub Actions.

GitHub app install

Connect your GitHub repo with our reliable hosting infrastructure easily using the Deploy Now App.
Icon depicting a seamless workflow

Easier workflows

Workflow customization

Customize your automated GitHub Actions workflow anytime by simply editing YAML files.

File-based configuration

Manage your file persistency, environment variables or remote commands easily via configuration files.

Easy staging

Your feature branches go live with their own preview URL for automatic staging and faster feedback.
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Ready to grow

Secure by design

Deploy with automatic SSL on DDoS-protected and georedundant infrastructure.

Custom domains

Connect any domain to your project as a custom domain. Deploy Now supports all top-level domains.

Log-based visitor stats

Analyze visitor growth, session length, and visit history with a free-to-use dashboard.


Get 3 Starter Projects with your Deploy Now Membership.
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Free trial

Deploy Now Membership

  • 3 Starter Projects Each project in your Deploy Now Membership includes 50 MB of storage and staging.
  • Seamless single dashboard management
  • Automatic framework detection and workflow setup Deploy Now scans your repository for your framework, then sets your GitHub Actions workflow automatically.

Learn more about project types and features.

1st month Free then $4/month Risk-free for 30 days
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Deploy Now project types

Add Static or PHP Projects to your Deploy Now Membership on demand. Cancel anytime.
Starter ProjectStatic ProjectPHP Project
Use casesStatic site generators & single page appsStatic site generators & single page appsPHP apps
Storage per deployment50 MB1 GB10 GB
Staging deployments A separate environment with preview URLs for feature branches. 155
IONOS infrastructure Deploy your GitHub build automatically on reliable IONOS infrastructure.
Georedundancy & DDoS protection
Log-based visitor stats
PHP runtime environnmentPHP 8.2 or earlier
Databases2 GB MariaDB with phpMyAdmin access
Included in Deploy Now Member­ship
Price3 projects for $4/month1 project for $2/month1 project for $7/month
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What devs like about Deploy Now

Picture of Wayne from devscover
Time is my most valuable resource. Deploy Now makes implementing my projects that much faster.
Developer and Blogger

A network built for devs

We host in our proprietary, ISO-certified data centers in the US, UK and Germany.
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We mirror all your data in multiple data centers ensuring seamless recovery and 99.99% uptime.
DDoS protection icon

DDoS protected

We use our own server shield technology to keep your site online and protected from malicious attacks.
Icon with a power cable forming a leaf shape

Green infrastructure

The future of hosting is sustainable. Our largest data center in the US and all our data centers in the UK and Germany are powered by renewable energy.

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Deploy via GitHub easily

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How to turn a static site into a web stack

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How to boost your workflow with Deploy Now

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Static sites

How to deploy a static site via GitHub

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How to deploy a PHP app from GitHub

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How to set up projects with the command line

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Free tools for professional web developers

Developing for clients? Partner with IONOS and boost your efficiency.
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The Agency Partner Program

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Deploy Now

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Deploy Now supports popular static site generators such as Hugo, Gatsby, Jekyll, Nuxt, Next, Jigsaw, Gridsome, Hexo, or Vuepress. You can also set up any static site generator manually. Additionally, Deploy Now supports single page applications based on Angular, React or Vue. Deploy Now does not support Node.JS server-side rendering.

Yes. Using Deploy Now, you can easily deploy single page applications using React, Vue or Angular from GitHub.

Yes! As long as you are the owner of the GitHub account for your organization, you can also deploy your code using Deploy Now for free.

First, you need to create a GitHub account and link it to Deploy Now. The Deploy Now setup wizard lets you link your repository, create a third-party repository, or get started using a Deploy Now sample project. You can then modify your code via GitHub, and Deploy Now will automatically update your website.

Once you have linked your GitHub account to Deploy Now, you can select an existing repository from the wizard. If you are working with multiple branches, you can choose which branch should be defined as the productive branch. Deploy Now automatically adds a configuration file to your repository that defines the GitHub Actions workflow.