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Domains & Hosting

What makes IONOS so reliable?

For starters — 99.99% uptime. Guaranteed.


By mirroring data in different data centers, we can ensure that even if one suffers an outage, your project remains live and uninterrupted. Georedundancy is included in all Web Hosting packages.


A battery-supported uninterruptible power supply secures our data centers. In the event of a short power outage, the batteries kick in immediately and keep everything running until power is restored — or the generators kick in.


All our data centers also have backup generators. Your project will stay online during extended outages powered reliably by our own current.

How do I choose the best hosting solution for my web project?

Web Hosting

Fast, simple and ever-popular shared hosting

Shared web hosting is the most popular type of hosting. It is ideal for small businesses and bloggers. In this hosting model, a variety of websites make use of a common pool of server resources.

IONOS Web Hosting features:

- Affordable price and simplicity

- One-click adjustable memory and processes for traffic fluctuations

- Additional SSL, domain, and 70+ one-click apps

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Graphic: Increase the performance of your hosting with a click

Dedicated Hosting

Maximum performance for your web project

Dedicated hosting is perfect for experienced web experts with high performance demands. Rely on powerful server hardware dedicated solely to your needs.

IONOS Dedicated Hosting features:

- Dedicated hardware and infrastructure

- No limits on processes and number of files

- Simple management via intuitive control panel

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Graphical display: Dedicated resources

Which product is right for you?

Web HostingDedicated Hosting
Resource allocationShared environmentEntire server for client
Ease of use4 out of 44 out of 4
Performance2 out of 44 out of 4
Scalability2 out of 42 out of 4
Customization2 out of 42 out of 4
When to choose this productIdeal for small and medium-sized standard web projects. Affordable and easy to use.Ideal for large web projects that require high levels of performance and their own network connection.
PriceStarting at $1/month Starting at $40/month