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Domain Transfer

Transfer your domain and get more

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How to transfer a domain in 3 easy steps

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Ready your code

First, verify that your domain is If your domain is locked, you'll need your domain provider to remove the domain lock before you can transfer it. Your domain must have also been registered for at least 60 days before it can be transferred. Then, ask your current provider for a transfer authorization code.
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Set up with IONOS

Enter your domain in the field above and we'll walk you through the rest of the process.

Confirm transfer

Add your transfer code on the next page and finalize your transfer by clicking on an email confirmation.

Add value to your domain

Get great features with your domain transfer.

Free domain transfer

Your domain transfer is free, when you pay for a one year domain term upfront with IONOS.

Free SSL certificate

Secure your website with an SSL certificate — free with your initial domain.

Free email address

Build your brand with a domain-matching email, including a 2 GB mailbox.

Private registration

If eligible, we'll activate a free We replace your contact info in the WHOIS database, so that your personal info stays private. This feature is not available with all domains. to protect your privacy.

One-click setup

Connect your domain with email, hosting, or your social media with just one click.

Easy management

Manage your domain and DNS settings intuitively from one dashboard.

Expert support

24/7 support available via chat, email, or phone. Plus your own personal consultant.

Product offers

Get special offers on great products like websites, hosting, and servers.

Domain transfer pricing

Pay for the first year with IONOS and your domain transfer is free.
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Domain extensionFirst year fromAnnual renewal

State and local taxes will apply. Click here for our General Terms and Conditions.

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Domain transfer questions?

One of our experts will walk you through the process. Call us at 1-484-583-5110 or send us a chat message.
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What should I do before I transfer my domain?


Check it

Ensure that your domain has been registered for at least 60 days prior to your transfer and that it is A registrar lock prevents unauthorized, unwanted, or accidental domain name transfers. If your domain name is locked, ask your current registrar to unlock your domain name for transfer. for transfer.

Update it

Update your admin or ownership information if needed. You should do this before you transfer for a much more streamlined experience.

Back it up

Back up your existing content and data with your current hosting or domain provider.

Request it

Get an authorization code (also called a transfer key or EPP) from your existing registrar or hosting provider. This will start the transfer.

Price it

Don't forget to shop around. Start by checking our domain prices for some of the web's most competitive domain pricing.

Transfer it

Decided to transfer to IONOS? Wise choice! Simply type the domain you'd like to transfer into the domain transfer field.

Domain transfer

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

If you move your domain from one provider to another you're transferring your domain. Why do people transfer their domain?

Domain providers offer different features and services for any given domain name. Usually, it's about value. Customers transfer their domain to providers like IONOS to add value to their domain name.

While all ICANN domains are transferrable, other domains have restrictions or other special conditions. Country Code TLDs or (ccTLDs), like Colombia's .co or Canada's .ca domain extensions, may have different transfer policies. The .xyz extension also has special rule regarding transfers. Blockchain domains, like .crypto, .bitcoin, and .wallet, are currently not eligible for transfer at IONOS.

If you have any questions, our transfer experts would be happy to help!

To transfer your domain you'll need the authorization code from your current provider and the current email address associated with your account. Double check you have access to this email account, because you'll receive your code in this mailbox.

We recommend that you back up all the content on your existing domain, this will not be transferred to your new host.

Since your website must be hosted on a domain, it's important to ensure that your domain provider is the best choice for both you and your business. Your provider should meet all your company needs and provide 24/7 service.

If not, it's worth considering transferring your domain name. The features offered, the quality of those features, the level of service, reliability, and price can vary greatly. So, before you transfer, it's a good idea to explore different providers.

Regardless of why you're transferring your domain, we don't charge any domain transfer fees and there are no added costs for moving your domain at any time. You only have to pay for the first year of registration.

It usually doesn't take long! The registration process with IONOS takes just a few minutes, but it's important that you enter your authorization code and other information correctly. If you do that, the entire process usually takes between 24–48 hours.

On the other hand, if we have to verify or correct information for you, it may take up to 7 days for your transfer to go through.

As long as your actual domain name doesn't change and you follow the steps above, your SEO ranking shouldn't be affected by your domain transfer.

We recommend waiting to cancel your previous account until your domain transfer to IONOS is complete. This way, your site remains online throughout the transition period.

You'll find answers to all your authorization code questions and step-by-step guides in the IONOS Help Center

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Your personal consultant

At IONOS, you have a dedicated contact person for personalized advice, tips to boost your online success, and technical support. Reach them via phone, chat and email, all at no cost to you as an IONOS customer.

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