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Your security matters at IONOS

The security of our products and applications goes to the the core of our business. If you find any vulnerabilities in our products or systems, please report them.

Which threats can I report?

Do you think your account has been hacked or your IONOS login details have been stolen? Learn more about the immediate measures you can take, find password security tips and discover what you can do against online threats in our Help Center.

To reduce the number of unwanted marketing emails in your inbox, IONOS offers you a range of options. You can find more information about the configuration of our spam filters, as well as some of the tricks spammers use, in our Help Center under Email Security.

Have you received an email from IONOS but have doubts about its authenticity? You can find tips on email verification, learn how to deal with phishing emails, as well as how to report phishing sites in our Help Center.

General information on online security can be found in other Help Center articles.

If you’ve found indications of vulnerabilities in one of our products or server configurations, please send us the information directly. It would be really helpful if you could describe the vulnerability you found in as much detail as possible, and include information like:

  • Who is affected by the threat? Whenever possible, include the affected URLs.
  • How can the vulnerability be exploited? It may be helpful to include screenshots to illustrate the vulnerability.
  • All the relevant details including the steps required to reproduce the issue. Note: Do not include sensitive data, such as your password in your description.

Send the vulnerability description to our contact address (security@ionos.com). You can also use our GPG key to send us the information confidentially.

Key-Id: 4428 221C D8B4 FE3E

Fingerprint: 2274 2D06 DB30 8D50 5E12 7AE5 4428 221C D8B4 FE3E

If you have any other concerns, please contact our Customer Support team directly.