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Domains & Hosting

Over 20,000 successful Partners worldwide

Join other agencies and web professionals who've found success with the IONOS Agency Partner Program and get benefits, products, tools and expert-level support designed exclusively for web pros.

Exclusive free trials and activation credit

Get selected hosting products with exclusive Partner benefits and put together a portfolio of the most suitable products for you and your customers.

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Specialist support from the experts

Agency Partners get uninterrupted access to support from experienced specialists and product experts. Let us help you find comprehensive, individual solutions for your projects.

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WordPress, hosting and cloud products for professionals

Get specially configured WordPress, hosting, and cloud infrastructure solutions tailored to web professionals, whether you're an agency, freelancer, web designer or reseller.

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Manage your projects and clients centrally and reach new leads

Manage your projects from one dashboard in the Agency Partner Portal and enjoy access to your client's settings and products.

Post a listing in the Agency Partner Network and get found by prospective clients seeking agencies, developers or web designers.

Partner-only benefits

Get selected hosting products with great benefits and build your own product portfolio.
Partner trials
Try out selected hosting and server products free for three months.
Partner-only pricing

Special conditions just for Agency Partners. For starters:

  • No setup fees
  • $300 activation credit on your Cloud Server
  • Flexible, monthly contract terms

And more
We're always adding offers tailored to agencies and freelancers. Become an Agency Partner now to find out more.
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Products and solutions for Agency Partners

Specially configured infrastructure and software solutions for agencies, freelancers, web designers and resellers.
Icon: Web hosting

Web hosting for agencies and freelancers

Fast and secure web hosting that offers the performance you require. Fully scalable so that you can react to individual demands and spikes in traffic in seconds.
icon: Dedicated server for SMBs

Agency Cloud for all your project needs

Agency Cloud combines scalable, high-performance cloud servers with web hosting tools, giving you the flexibility you need for project-driven workloads.
Icon: Compute Engine

Cloud IaaS and PaaS

Launch, manage and grow your web projects with state-of-the-art IONOS Cloud services that are secure and fully scalable.
Icon: WordPress Pro

WP Pro

Uncompromising WordPress performance. Includes powerful features like Multisite management and staging, AI tested Smart Updates, Varnish caching and more.

The IONOS Agency Partner Program

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The Agency Partner Portal

Connect, adjust settings and supplement a client's products — securely, without the password fumble.
Connect & Control for better client management

Manage all your projects more easily with the Agency Partner Portal. Using Connect & Control, you'll also get admin rights for any connected clients using IONOS products. This helps you streamline your client management, making it easy to adapt clients' email, domain, or web hosting settings.

Connect and Control also means you'll no longer need to juggle multiple customer passwords. Just request secure access to your customer's contract once, and you can manage their products directly in the Agency Partner Portal.

Add products and add-ons
Add domains, SSL certificates, web hosting plans or infrastructure solutions to your client's contract. Your clients never lose sight of which products you've chosen and bought for them.
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Graphical display: Easily manage customers with the Partner Portal

The Agency Partner Network

Connecting customers to experienced agencies, developers and web designers.
Get found by prospective clients

The IONOS Agency Partner Network is a directory that our customers use to find agencies, freelancers and web designers.

Set up your partner profile to present your services and expertise to them. Pick up new projects and help entrepreneurs from diverse fields reach their goals.

View Agency Partner Network

Become their partner

And help them build their website, generate traffic, or support them during project planning, on security-related issues or with IT administration.

Do more than just play the role. Collaborate and foster long-term partnerships built on trust and powered by mutual benefit.

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Support and consulting from the experts

Partners get comprehensive support during project planning, implementation and optimization.
Helpful advice from those in the know

Experts also need help with technical and strategic challenges. Which is why IONOS Agency Partners receive support at any time from experienced specialists and product experts.

Get support during all phases of your project. From planning to optimization, we'll help you develop individual solutions to any questions you might have.

24/7, 365 Support
By shortening your reaction time, we'll help you ensure that your clients enjoy uninterrupted service and satisfaction. Get help on a range of issues concerning web hosting, email, servers, virtualization, databases and the cloud, among others.
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Graphical display: Call an IONOS Expert: Partner Program Support

Become an Agency Partner now

Simplify your work and boost your potential.

Sign up for free

Create your account.

If you already have an IONOS account, then register with your existing customer details.

Connect to the Partner Portal

Create your partner profile.

Add clients for easier and more secure access to important details. You can also make purchases on your clients' behalf.

Enjoy the benefits

That's it, well done!

Make the most of our powerful partner packages and tools, and unleash your true potential.

IONOS Agency Partner Program

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

The IONOS Agency Partner Program is a free, no-obligation service created by professionals for professionals. It is aimed at agencies, freelancers, and web professionals who offer services in web design or web development.

The IONOS Agency Partner Program offers exclusive benefits such as products, tools, and support tailored to web professionals. Among other things, IONOS Agency partners can save time on project and client management.

Partners can also create a listing in the IONOS Agency Partner Network. This helps potential clients who are looking for developers and web designers for their next project, or a cloud or VPS reseller.

As a leading hosting provider, IONOS offers specially configured WordPress, hosting and cloud infrastructure solutions that cover all the bases for web professionals. Exclusive product trials and 24/7 technical support from a team of specialists and product experts are just two of the many benefits available to IONOS Agency Partners.

With its special infrastructure and software solutions, the IONOS Agency Partner Program is aimed at ambitious agencies, freelancers, web designers, and web professionals looking for a reliable hosting partner they can grow with.

To ensure the quality of registered Partners and to constantly improve the IONOS Agency Partner Program, IONOS checks all prospective Partners as part of the registration process. Registration is always free and without any obligation. If you are already a IONOS customer, you can simply use your existing account to sign up.

As a IONOS Agency Partner you’ll enjoy a number of benefits:

So you can always keep track of clients and projects, the IONOS Agency Partner Program offers you a central management platform, the Partner Portal. This project management tool compiles all important information and settings in one place. You can also use it to convenient­ly add products to your clients' contracts.

In addition, you have the opportunity to offer or share your expertise in the Agency Partner Network. In your profile, you can present your services and industry experience in order to generate new leads and start new projects.

Another advantage for all IONOS Agency partners is the availability of infrastructure and software solutions with perfectly pre-configured hardware and software. You’ll benefit from optimized web hosting environments and cloud products tailored specifically to the needs of web professionals. Exclusive benefits such as free trials, including activation credit, are also available. Daily 24/7 support and consulting round it off: develop individual solutions for planning, implementing, and optimizing your projects together with the expert team from IONOS.

Yes! You can use the Partner Portal without publishing a listing in the Partner Network. All IONOS Partners can communicate with their customers via the portal at any time after signing up and manage all their projects without making their Agency Partner Network listing public. You don't have to join unless you want to.

You can also use the Agency Partner Network without access to the IONOS Agency Partner Portal. Anyone can search for agencies, freelancers, and web professionals in the IONOS Agency Partner Network without creating an account.