Outlook shortcuts you should know about

For years, email has been one of the standard means of communication. Using mail clients at work has long been part of the everyday for many people when it comes to sending messages in a fast and easy way. In programs like Outlook you can set up out-of-office messages and easily organize appointments in an integrated calendar.

Like many other solutions, Outlook also offers keyboard shortcuts that simplify and speed up work processes. Here, we’ll introduce you to the most important and helpful Outlook shortcuts.

The most used Outlook keyboard shortcuts

Like with all other Microsoft Office products, Outlook gives you the option to use shortcut keys to simplify your work with the software. The table below highlights some of the most common shortcuts to use in the email client.


Outlook shortcut keys

Copy content

Ctrl + C

Cut content

Ctrl + X

Paste content

Ctrl + V

Print email

Ctrl + P

Mark all

Ctrl + A

Edit marked selection

Shift + Arrow keys (left or right)

Reverse action

Ctrl + Z

Repeat action

Ctrl + Y

Save email

Ctrl + S

Save as

Function key F12

Close window

Alt + F4

Switch between open windows

Alt + Esc

Show properties of marked object

Alt + Enter

Show preview

Alt + P

Switch between Outlook windows


Outlook hotkeys for better email management

For most users, Outlook hotkeys specifically made to simplify email organization will come in handy. Below are the most common ones.


Outlook shortcut keys

Change to inbox

Ctrl + Shift + I

Change to outbox

Ctrl + Shift + O

Create new email

Ctrl + N

Send email

Ctrl + Enter key

Answer an email

Ctrl + R

Answer all in an email

Ctrl + Shift + R

Answer with meeting request

Ctrl + Alt + R

Forward email

Ctrl + F

Forward email as attachment

Ctrl + Alt + F

Mark email as read

Ctrl + Q

Mark email as unread

Ctrl + U

Open marked email

Ctrl + O

Delete and ignore email

Ctrl + Shift + D

Open contacts directory

Ctrl + Shift + B

Open next unopened email

Ctrl + Dot

Go back to previously opened email

Ctrl + Comma

Change to next email in list

Arrow up

Change to previous email in list

Arrow down

Unmark email as junk

Ctrl + Alt + J

Open the flagged emails dialog box

Ctrl + Shift + G


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The most important Outlook shortcuts for the integrated calendar

In the calendar view, you can organize and view your appointments even faster using the matching Outlook hotkeys.


Outlook shortcut keys

Create new calendar entry (only works in calendar view)

Ctrl + N

Go to a date

Ctrl + G

Jump to next appointment


Jump to previous appointment

Tab + Shift

Accept appointment

Alt + C

Decline appointment

Alt + D

Show day view

Alt + H

Show weekly view

Alt + W

Show monthly view

Alt + M

Switch to first day of current week

Alt + Pos1

Switch to last day of current week

Alt + End

Show same day in previous week

Alt + Arrow up

Show same day in coming week

Alt + Arrow down

Show first day of the month

Alt + Image up

Show last day of the month

Alt + Image down

Show next day

Ctrl + Arrow to the right

Show previous day

Ctrl + Arrow to the left

Add elements and files in Outlook via shortcut keys

The following Outlook shortcuts let you add elements or files like appointments, contacts, or notes, without having to open the corresponding tab or press the corresponding button.


Outlook shortcut keys

Create new appointment

Ctrl + Shift + A

Create new contact

Ctrl + Shift + C

Create new group of contacts

Ctrl + Shift + L

Create fax

Ctrl + Shift + X

Create new folder

Ctrl + Shift + E

Create new email

Ctrl + Shift + M

Create new note

Ctrl + Shift + N

Create new Office document

Ctrl + Shift + H

Create search folder

Ctrl + Shift + P

Create new task

Ctrl + Shift + K

Outlook shortcuts for organizing your contacts

As with the calendar and emails, there are special Outlook keyboard shortcuts for the contact view, which make it easier for you to handle datasets.


Outlook shortcut keys

Create new contact

Ctrl + N

New phone call

Ctrl + Shift + D

Search for a contact or another element

F3 or Ctrl + E

Activate contact search


Show first contact in address book


Show last contact in address book


Show first contact starting with a specific letter

Shift + letter

Show next contact

Arrow down

Show previous contact

Arrow up

Send email to a specific contact

Ctrl + F

Close contact


More useful Outlook shortcuts

Whether for the calendar, contacts, notes, or emails – the following Outlook hotkeys let you seamlessly switch between the client’s different areas.


Outlook shortcut keys

Switch to email view

Ctrl + 1

Switch to calendar

Ctrl + 2

Switch to contacts

Ctrl + 3

Switch to tasks

Ctrl + 4

Switch to notes

Ctrl + 5

Switch to folder list

Ctrl + 6

Switch to attachments

Ctrl + 7


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