How to add the symbol for diameter

The diameter symbol, also known as the diameter sign, (⌀) is predominantly used in technical texts. On both Mac and Windows, you can type the symbol for diameter or use the shortcut menu to insert the sign.

What is the symbol for diameter?

If you’re writing a technical text and want to enter a diameter quickly, the symbol containing a circle with a line through it can be a great help. The official Unicode name is the “diameter sign” and its Unicode is 2300. It’s predominantly used to represent a diameter in geometry and engineering.

There are, however, other symbols and letters which are similar to the diameter sign but mean something else:

  • The Scandinavian letters “Ø” (Unicode 00D8) and “ø” (Unicode 00F8)
  • The symbol for an empty set ∅ (Unicode 2205)
  • The circled division slash ⊘ (Unicode 2298)

The real diameter sign can be recognized from the circle (not an oval) and the 45° line which goes outside of the circle.

The symbol for diameter isn’t often used and as a result, is not found on most keyboards. By using the correct Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts or Mac-Shortcuts, you can easily type the symbol. In the following sections, we’ll explain how to insert the diameter symbol in different programs and across different operating systems.

How to type the diameter symbol in Windows

The quickest way to type the symbol for diameter is by using the keyboard shortcut [Alt] + 8960. 8960 is the decimal code of the diameter symbol. Hold the alt key and type the following number sequence using the number pad: [8], [9], [6] and [8].


This keyboard shortcut only works with the number pad to the right of the arrow keys. If you don’t have a number pad on your keyboard (e.g., if you are using a notebook), you’ll need to use another method.

You can also copy the ø symbol from a text like this one, although this might be inconvenient if you need the symbol often. The above-mentioned keyboard shortcut works in simple text editors, when adding text in Paint, or when writing in a search bar in a browser.

How to insert the symbol for diameter in Microsoft Apps

There are three different ways to insert the diameter symbol in Microsoft Apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • The quickest way is to use the keyboard combination [Alt] + 8960. Make sure to hold down the Alt key while entering the number sequence.
  • You can also use Unicode: Type the Unicode 2300 or U+2300 and then press [Alt] + [x]. The number will then be converted to the diameter sign.
  • From the insert menu: Click on the Insert tab in the menu bar, then Ω Symbol > Ω More symbols. You will see a submenu where you can search for the ⌀ symbol and insert it with a click. After inserting the symbol, it will appear in a row located directly under the submenu Recently used symbols.

If you don’t want to search through the list, enter the character code 8960 and select ASCII (decimal) from the dropdown menu. If you decide to use the standards Unicode (hex) and ASCII (hex) in the dropdown menu, you’ll need to enter the character code 2300 to find the symbol for diameter.

The Symbol submenu also works across different apps. The last symbols you used in Word will also appear in Excel and PowerPoint if you’re using the applications on the same device.

How to insert the symbol for diameter on a Mac

If you’re using a Mac, you have a couple of options for adding the diameter sign to a document. You can insert the symbol using your keyboard or with the shortcut menu:

Inserting the symbol for diameter using a Mac keyboard

Compared to Windows, inserting the diameter symbol is a little easier on Mac. Simply press the [Shift] key, the [Alt] or [Option] key, and the [o] key at the same time.

Inserting the symbol for diameter from the shortcut menu on a Mac

You can also insert the diameter symbol from the shortcut menu on a Mac. To do this, you can click on the Insert tab and then Additional symbols…. You can now select the symbol for diameter from the list and confirm your selection.

How to insert the symbol for diameter in Google Docs and tables

If you want to insert the diameter symbol in a Google Doc, you can use the keyboard combination as described above or use the menu. To do so, click on Insert and then Special characters. To make the search for the diameter sign easier, you can simply enter the letter “o” in the search bar. A small selection of different special characters will appear, and you can select the diameter symbol.

You can also use this method if you need to use the symbol for diameter in a Google Table. Since Google Sheets itself doesn’t have the option to use the special character, the best thing to do is open a Google Doc alongside it and copy the symbol using [Ctrl] + [C] on Windows or [Cmd] + C on a Mac. You can use the shortcut [Ctrl] + [V] or [Cmd] + [V] to insert the ⌀ symbol. You can also use the shortcuts as described above.

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