What is Nextcloud used for?

Nextcloud lets you manage data in your own cloud server without having to hand over sovereignty to companies like Google or Apple. A mixture of self-hosting and private cloud computing, Nextcloud offers improved data protection over commercial US cloud providers. With Nextcloud, companies without an IT department and private individuals benefit from a location- and device-independent cloud on private or hosted servers.

What is Nextcloud?

Nextcloud is a powerful, non-commercial cloud software for self-hosting and cloud computing, suitable for both personal and business use. The software is a sister project of OwnCloud. OwnCloud and Nextcloud provide open-source alternatives to commercial cloud storage solutions like Amazon AWS, Google Drive, or Apple’s iCloud. Frank Karlitschek is the founder and developer behind both cloud solutions. Just like OwnCloud, you can get a powerful, free version of Nextcloud or try one of the paid enterprise solutions.

Which platforms does Nextcloud support?

To provide access to as many users as possible, Nextcloud offers cross-platform support. It can be used with these operating systems on desktop and mobile:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • iOS

In addition, Nextcloud offers easy integration of services like Amazon S3, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, and Dropbox.

What are the advantages of Nextcloud?

As a non-commercial cloud software for self-hosting and deployment, Nextcloud provides many advantages for both private and business users. These include:

  • Entirely free open-source solution
  • Choice between cloud computing with private, on-site servers or hosting servers in locations with high data protection standards
  • Anonymous file uploads
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Encrypted data on servers and SSL/TLS data encryption
  • Data sovereignty with the private individuals and companies implementing Nextcloud
  • Centralized location- and device-independent cloud computing
  • Includes Nextcloud clients like Nextcloud Android app for cross-device synchronization of local directories
  • Active community prevents security gaps in the open-source code
  • Open-source approach prevents “backdoor” data access by third-party companies
  • Enterprise versions come with dedicated support, on-demand storage, and computing services

What functions does Nextcloud offer?

From flexible data sharing and centralized cloud storage to practical teamwork tools, Nextcloud offers a full suite of features. These include:

  • Uploads/downloads: Like Google Drive and other cloud alternatives, Nextcloud lets you upload and download individual files or full folders. Opening these is device- and location-independent.
  • Nextcloud Files: Enjoy self-defined access rights for files as well as public share URLs. This way, you can work on a document as a team and benefit from features like the comment function, collaboration in real time, or Microsoft Office documents integration.
  • Nextcloud Office: The cloud solution comes with your own online Office suite including collaboration tools and support of all major file formats.
  • Nextcloud Hub: The central user interface that lets you integrate, control, and manage the four most important Nextcloud functions: Files, Talk, Office, and Groupware.
  • Nextcloud Talk: Provides workgroups and teams with convenient tools for video calls, conferencing, screen sharing, or chats.
  • Nextcloud Groupware: A helpful calendar and management tool, Groupware includes an address book, scheduler, contact list, and more.

Which Nextcloud apps and plugins are there?

Nextcloud’s power and versatility can be customized and extended by various Nextcloud apps and plugins. These let you optimize cloud functions according to your needs or workgroup. Here are some of the handiest apps and plugins:

  • OnlyOffice: Office app compatible with Microsoft Word, including support for all major document types (text, spreadsheets, presentations, forms), chat functionality, collaborative editing, and mobile or desktop versions.
  • Reader: E-reading app for e-books and file formats like Epub, PDF, CBR, or CBZ with flexible page view, night mode, and configurable fonts and text colors.
  • Nextcloud Deck: Organization app displaying appointments, tasks, deadlines, or project statuses.
  • Passwords: App for managing and editing passwords.
  • Nextcloud Talk: One of Nextcloud’s key features for video and audio calls, live chats, and screen sharing.
  • Cookbook: Handy cooking app for saving, collecting, and managing recipes.
  • Nextcloud Calendar (Android/iOS): Cross-device synchronization of appointments, tasks, and deadlines, including reminders and invites.
  • News: News feed app collecting all Nextcloud news.
  • Nextcloud Notes: Effective app for taking notes similar to Microsoft’s OneNote.

How much does Nextcloud cost?

You can try Nextcloud’s powerful, free version or opt for a paid Enterprise solution. The paid versions include:

  • Basic: Starting at 100 users for approx. $38 per user/year
  • Standard: Starting at 100 users for approx. $69 per user/year
  • Premium: Starting at 100 users for approx. $101 per user/year

Is Nextcloud suited for businesses?

Although Nextcloud can also work for individual users, the installation can be rather complex. That’s why Nextcloud is most relevant for businesses willing to invest time in integrating it in their own cloud, with high data control and cloud security. Here’s why Nextcloud is a great solution:

  • Teamwork and Office features can be integrated or extended by apps and plugins
  • Central storage and cross-device file synchronization
  • High data security and data sovereignty
  • Individual access rights and passwords
  • Integrated encryption for uploads, downloads, and server-stored data
  • Flexible Enterprise plans based on company size, storage needs, support, and integrated Nextcloud features

How does Managed Nextcloud work?

If you need a secure, high-performance cloud, but don’t want to deal with setup and configuration, Managed Nextcloud is the way to go. Following the principle of managed cloud hosting, installing and maintaining the server structure is left to professionals. This lets you focus on your central cloud solution. The advantages of this include teamwork and Office functions, the assignment of access rights and access data, and the flexible storage, editing, and sharing of files and documents via your own private cloud. If you have any questions or problems, 24/7 support is there to help.

Advantages of Managed Nextcloud

Managed Nextcloud offers these convenient benefits:

  • No effort required in terms of installation, maintenance, and updates
  • Secure server infrastructure
  • All Nextcloud features available on desktop and mobile
  • Basic features can be extended with apps and plugins
  • Complete data sovereignty and high data protection standards
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