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What can AI image generators be used for?

The uses for AI picture generators are as diverse as they are for AI video generators and AI text generators. Whether you just want to quickly crop an image, change its resolution or color, or create a completely new one, there are no limits as to how far artificial intelligence can go. Not only can you find AI-generated images in digital art and graphic design, AI image generators are also being used in the games and film industry as well to create textures, backgrounds or even characters. They are sometimes also used in fashion and interior design to generate new clothing designs or ideas for interiors.


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AI images have recently caused quite a stir with deepfakes and raised questions about ethics and security. Overall, however, the ability to create images with artificial intelligence paved the way for a new era of visual creativity where you no longer have to rely solely on royalty-free images or image editing programs. We have compiled a list of the ten best AI image generators for you:

Tool name Image quality Price Free trial version
Midjourney Very good $10 to $120 per month No Good to very good $16 to $32.50 per month 50 images
DreamStudio Good to very good $10 per month for 1,000 credits 25 credits
Dall-E 2 Good to very good $15 for 115 credits 15 images per month
Neuroflash OK to good Free
Canva OK to good Free to $29.99 per month
Craiyon OK to good Free to price upon request
Jasper Art OK $39 per month 5 days/200 images
Photosonic OK Free to $20 per month 15 credits Not so good to OK One-time payment of $227 No

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Midjourney AI is one of the leading AI image generators due to its outstanding image quality. The artificial intelligence art generator creates images based on descriptions, more precisely based on machine learning. As a result, you can also have the AI create images in the style of a particular artist or era. The instruction the user gives, also called a “prompt”, should be as exact as possible so that the desired result is generated.


Our Digital Guide article about AI prompts for small businesses gives you tips on how to optimally communicate with ChatGPT so you get your desired results the first time around.

Additionally, Midjourney offers the possibility to scale images or to create different versions of an image. However, Midjourney can only be used within the Discord user interface. Besides the confusing user interface, other features have been criticized. TheAI-generated pictures that you create are visible to every other Discord user and can also be reused. Therefore, you don’t have the image rights. In addition, the AI image generator is not free. The cheapest subscription plan starts at $10 per month.

Midjourney homepage
Midjourney homepage (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Image creation from natural language text No free version
Very good image quality Confusing user interface
More tools for image editing Generated AI images are public
Can only be used within the Discord interface

Impressive AI images can also be created with Unlike some other AI picture generators, this tool is based on Stable Diffusion Technology, which is a deep learning generator that converts text into high-quality images that look realistic and unique. That’s not the only thing that sets apart from other artificial intelligence programs for images though. The tool also has an intuitive user interface that is quite easy to use.

In addition, ArtSmart offers the ability to use presets such as camera angles, weather and artist styles. However, there are also some limitations, one being that the artificial intelligence tool requires very accurate text input to generate an image. If the text input is too vague, the generated AI images often do not match what the user may have had in mind. However, 50 images can be created with the trial version of this AI image generator for free. homepage homepage (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Image creation from natural language text Accurate text input required
Very good image quality Limited functions compared to other image generators
Intuitive user interface
Free trial version


DreamStudio from is also based on Stable Diffusion. The tool is characterized by continuous development and constant improvements. Now, it is also possible to generate company logos, banners and images for marketing campaigns. Another highlight is the user-friendliness because the user interface is clear and has an intuitive design. Unlike other AI image generators, DreamStudio doesn’t offer many predefined styles or help when getting started. Therefore, the tool is more suitable for advanced users.

The possibilities for post-processing AI images are limited and the AI image generator is not free of charge. While new users initially receive free credits to test the tool, further credits must be purchased to continue using it. This costs $10 per month for 1,000 credits. The consumption of credits per image depends on the settings that have been selected. Higher levels and resolutions require more credits for image generation.

DreamStudio About page
DreamStudio website (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Image creation from natural language text Few predefined styles and not much assistance
Very good image quality Limited functions compared to other image generators
Intuitive user interface Not very suitable for beginners
Continuous development and improvements via new features Fee-based, must buy credits in advance

Dall-E 2

Dall-E 2 was developed by OpenAI, just like ChatGPT. With the artificial intelligence system, images can not only be generated, but also edited. Additional features such as outpainting, inpainting and the generation of image variationscan be used to edit pictures. You can use an API to access DALL-E 2 or access the software directly via OpenAI Labs.

Unlike other AI picture generators, you can use more than your words to generate an image. With Dall-E 2, you can also upload a reference image. However, no additional adjustments, such as setting aspect ratios, can be made. Using DALL-E 2 is also relatively expensive, with 115 credits costing $15 per month.

Dall-E 2 homepage
Dall-E 2 homepage (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Image creation from natural language text Result strongly depends on accuracy of description
Very good image quality Expensive, need to buy credits in advance
Image editing
Images can be freely used after creation


Neuroflash is not only a popular AI text generator, it can also be used to generate images. The simple design makes this AI image generator particularly user-friendly. However, this also means that users’ attempts to find advanced options such as the ability to edit images directly in the application or render in higher resolution will be fruitless. The image quality is also only in the OK to good range. On the other hand, the AI image generator is free of charge. Another advantage of this tool is that images can be edited and generated in the app.

Neuroflash homepage
Neuroflash homepage (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Image creation from natural language text Only OK to good image quality
User-friendly Lack of options for image editing


In March 2023, the popular online graphic design platform Canva started offering an AI text generator and an AI tool for creating images. This tool is also based on stable diffusion technology and features a user-friendly and intuitive interface. In addition to entering your own prompt, you can also choose from 19 predefined styles, including colored pencil, psychedelic, concept art, anime and watercolor.

You can further edit the results to add a personal touch to your AI generated images. For example, you can edit brightness and contrast, add filters and effects or add text in different fonts to the generated images. Canva’s image quality is not that spectacular, but the basic version of the AI image generator is free of charge.

Canva homepage
Canva homepage (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Image creation from natural language text OK to good image quality
Free basic version Some of the advanced features are only available with a paid subscription
Image editing Limited image resolution


Craiyon, originally called DALL-E mini, provides a user-friendly interface for generating AI pictures via simple prompts. This tool can also be used as an AI photo generator. It offers four different image generation styles: Art, Drawing, Photo, and None (without a template). One of Craiyon’s highlights is its “Next prompt” option, which suggests new prompts based on previous input. Besides that, users can also submit a picture as a reference, which the tool then uses to generate an image.

While the application creates AI images quickly and easily, it lacks other features and customization options. The image quality is also less impressive than other AI picture generators. However, with some drawbacks such as advertising, slower generation time and watermarks on the images, Craiyon can be used for free. For as little as $5 a month, you can get the Supporter version.

Craiyon homepage
Craiyon homepage (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Image creation from natural language text or reference image OK image quality
Free basic version Usable only with limitations
User-friendly Missing functions for image editing
Generated images are publicly available

Jasper Art

Jasper Art is a powerful and easy-to-use AI image generator. The tool uses the DALL-E 2 model from OpenAI and a modified version of GPT-3 to create AI images within seconds. In addition to text input, you can also upload an existing image as a reference. Using the selection menu provided by Jasper Art, you also have the possibility tospecify the style of the image you want it to create. However, Jasper Art’s image quality is rather average, and it’s not even a free AI image generator. With a price tag of $39 per month, the tool is not exactly cheap, even though unlimited AI images can be generated with this subscription plan. The artificial intelligence does, however, offer a free 5-day trial, which comes with 200 images.

Jasper Art homepage
Jasper Art homepage (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Image creation from natural language text or reference image OK image quality
User-friendly Generated images cannot be adjusted
5-day trial version includes 200 images Subscription plan relatively expensive
Lots of image options


Just like Jasper Art, PhotoSonic is also part of an AI text generator. In this case, it’s WriteSonic. Unlike Jasper Art, there are no additional fees for using Photosonic. Credits from the Writesonic monthly subscription can be used for the AI image generator. While the user interface is clear and user-friendly, there aren’t many additional features that can be used to further edit and customize the AI-generated images. Photosonic also lacks additional options for preset styles or image enhancements, and the image quality is average overall.

PhotoSonic homepage
PhotoSonic screenshot (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Image creation from natural language text or reference image OK image quality
User-friendly Few additional features
Free demo with 15 credits Writesonic subscription required

Unlike most other AI image generators, is not based on Stable Diffusion, but instead uses a self-developed AI model. In addition to entering prompts, you can create your own sketches or upload reference images to generate AI pictures. The tool has a well-structured user interface and is easy to use. The created images can be additionally edited with the inpainting and outpainting functions. The biggest point of criticism here, however, is the image quality, which is rather low. For a one-time price of $227 you get lifetime access to the tool. homepage homepage (Source:
Advantages Disadvantages
Image creation from natural language text, sketch or reference image Not so good image quality
User-friendly Few additional functions
Image editing New technology with some bugs
Discounted lifetime subscription No free demo

How AI-generated images can improve your online presence

Not only can text generators be used to improve your website, AI image generators can be used as well. These tools are a time-saving alternative to Adobe Photoshop and the images they create can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Content is king: Whether it’s a blog or an online store, visual design contributes significantly to the success of a website. AI pictures can be generated quickly and easily, offering unlimited possibilities for content production. For example, an elaborate image gallery for a website can be filled with the appropriate images in a very short time.

  • SEO: Unique and relevant images can help improve search engine visibility, especially if descriptions are well written and keywords are used properly.

  • Personalized content: AI can be used to create personalized images that can be used in content marketing for different audiences.

  • Social media: AI images can also be used for social media to increase awareness and encourage interaction.

  • Quick adjustments: AI picture generators make it possible to react quickly to trends and current topics and generate appropriate AI images without first having to hire a graphic designer.

  • Automated ad campaigns: For online ads, AI image generators can help create varied and engaging graphics for campaigns.

  • Interactive content: Some AI image tools can generate interactive images that can improve how users engage with your website.

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