How to save routes on Google Maps

If you use Google Maps, you can plan a route and save it for a later date. However, the way to do so differs slightly from device to device. We’ll show you how to save routes on Google Maps on your smartphone, tablet and PC.

Why should you save routes on Google Maps?

Saving routes on Google Maps has many advantages. Whether it’s your favorite cycling route or a walking tour on your yearly vacation, you’ll always have a quick way to access routes. Saving routes also makes it easy to share them with others. Additionally, if you find yourself in area that doesn’t have reliable coverage, for instance, when hiking, you can still access routes in Google Maps by saving routes on Google Maps offline.


If you run a guest house or vacation home, having a Google Maps entry makes it easier for you to be found locally. Your Maps entry is often linked with your Google My Business account. Companies that do so provide the search engine with important information and gain more visibility. Google entries are particularly important for local SEO.

How to save routes on Google Maps on Android and iOS

Google Maps allows you to open routes when you are on the move. This also works with saved routes. To save a route, you can do the following:

Step 1: On the Map view screen, click on the three dots in the top right corner and select Add route to Home screen.

Screenshot of Google Maps features
Use the three dots to see features in Maps.

Step 2: The app will then ask you to confirm the selected feature. You can do this by clicking Add. You will now see a notification that the route has been saved as a shortcut.

Screenshot of the “Add to Home screen” feature in Google Maps
Clicking on Add will save the selected route to your home screen.

Step 3: To reopen the route, go to your smartphone’s home screen. Your route will show up as a symbol.

Screenshot of an Android smartphone
The route can be reopened from your home screen.

How to save a route with My Maps

You can use the Google service My Maps to create personalized maps, save routes in Google Maps, and share routes online with others. To use My Maps, you need a Google account.

Screenshot of My Maps
You can easily create routes with My Maps.

At first, there won’t be any map profiles saved. To create a map, you can do the following:

  1. Click on the button on the left-hand side Create new map.
  2. If you’ve already entered or found the place you would like to go to, you can clickAdd to the map.
  3. My Maps also offers you different layout features. For example, you can assign numbers to different places on the map.
  4. It’s also possible to add markers using layers. Double-click on a layer to add a description.
  5. You can also give the map you created a name, for example, “London walking tour”. This is particularly useful if you want to share your map with others.
  6. My Maps offers other features such as connecting lines so that car or walking routes can be displayed in an optimal way.

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How to save routes on Google Maps on a PC and tablet

If you want to create and save routes on Google Maps from a PC or tablet, you can do the following:

Step 1: Once you have created your route, go to the Details tab in the alternative route overview.

Screenshot of a route on Google Maps
By clicking on Details, you can see more features.

Step 2: You will now have various options. You can send the route to your smartphone or share it with others as a link.

Screenshot of the share feature on Google Maps
You can send the route to a smartphone or share it as a link.

Step 3: You can also save the route as a bookmark. To do this, you can use your browser’s bookmark feature.

How to open saved maps in Google Maps

How you open saved maps depends on which device and which features you used to create the map. For example, if you’re using a shareable link that was generated by Maps, you can open it using any device. You can also send this link to others via email or SMS, or save it for yourself.

However, if you saved the route to Google Maps on your smartphone, you will only be able to open it with your smartphone. It is still possible to share the route with other users though.


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How to share a route with others

In Google Maps, it’s just as easy to share a route with others as it is to save routes. If you’re using your browser, click the Details button (see above) and then click on the share icon. From here, you can share a link via messenger services or email.

Maps can also be integrated into websites. Companies that embed Google Maps make it easier for visitors to find the location of their business. Making complete routes available can be a valuable tool for official city and tourism websites. For example, such sites can provide suggestions for hikes in local recreations areas.


The majority of content management systems make integration easy. WordPress allows Google Maps to be integrated in just a few clicks.

Save routes and directions on Google Maps offline

If you’re in the outdoors or abroad and don’t have good coverage, it’s worthwhile to save Google maps offline. With offline maps, you can save parts of maps on a device permanently. You just need to download the map in advance. Before getting started, make sure that you have enough storage space on your device.

Step 1: Search for the area on the map that you want to download for offline use. For example, you can use a distinctive landmark to select a specific area.

Step 2: Click on your Google Profile in the top right to see the different features that are listed.

Step 3: Then select Offline maps. You will see a list of all the areas you have already downloaded maps for. You can also use this list to update your current maps.

Screenshot of a user profile on Google Maps
In your user profile, you will see the Offline maps menu.

Step 4: Click on Select your own map to continue.

Step 5: You will be taken to a map view of the area you’ve previously saved. Google will frame the area that you have an offline map for. You can move this frame or zoom in or out.

Step 6: Confirm your selection with Download. The map will now be available offline.

Screenshot of the offline map feature on Google Maps
You can decide the size of the map yourself.

You can now plan and save routes in your offline map as described above. Your route must, however, be located within the area of your offline map. You can also plan your route online and then download the relevant area to use it offline later.


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Summary: With a little practice, saving a route in Google Maps is easy

Depending on the device you’re using, saving a route in Google Maps is not as intuitive as it could be. However, once you have gotten used to how it works and used other services such as My Maps, saving different routes gets easier. It’s important to regularly update your map data so that your Google Maps services are up to date.


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