5 Applications like TikTok in comparison

TikTok has dominated the market for music video apps since its release in 2016. However, TikTok has received recurring criticism due to data protection issues and the Chinese operator’s handling of political and religious topics. However, users who are looking for an alternative will find several apps in app stores for Apple and Android which are similar to Tiktok.

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An overview: TikTok vs. five alternatives

App Founded Users/Downloads Core function
TikTok 2016 1 billion users Platform for max. 180-second-long dance and lip-sync videos to popular music
Likee 2017 500 million users Platform for (dance) videos
Dubsmash 2014 100 million users App for creating lip-sync videos and memes based on famous quotes
Chingari 2018 100 million downloads Platform for music and dance videos to popular music
Funimate 2016 10 million downloads Video editing app
Clash 2021 1 million downloads Platform for own music, dance, and comedy videos

The above figures are estimates, as clear user and download figures are usually not communicated by the providers. Status of information: January 2022.

Unfortunately, the advantages of the apps presented here do not always include a better handling of personal data. In most cases, the apps link up with Google, Facebook, or other user accounts, and the data processing is very similar and/or difficult to evaluate. However, we will also discuss the other features.


The video platform YouTube has developed its own format for content creators with YouTube Shorts, which can be used to create short videos for the platform.

Likee (formerly LIKE)

If you are looking for a TikTok alternative which is exactly like TikTok, then Likee is the first choice. Likee’s focus is on simple editing for your own videos. There are more than 2,000 filters and effects which should appeal to the young target group. Once videos have been created, they are published in the user’s profile and in the ranking lists, users can send each other messages, share information in livestreams, and give gifts.

The more interactions a user has, the higher they climb in the rankings, which then unlocks more functions. However, gifts must be purchased via in-app purchases — a cost trap that young inexperienced users often fall into.

Data protectionists are critical of the fact that a Facebook account or a phone number is needed to register on the app, and Likee also has full access to contacts, camera, and location. There is an option to restrict the use of Likee for under-16s, whereby they can watch the videos, but not create content, and they cannot use the messenger or send gifts. In this case, the basic idea of TikTok is non-existent.

Despite the concerns, the video app from Singapore had a large following in Russia and India initially and is now also popular in the USA. It is reported to have up to 500 million active users and even more downloads in the Apple and Google Play Store.

Advantages Disadvantages
✔ Very close to the original TikTok ✘ Handling and protecting data critically
✔ Large number of filters and effects ✘ Cost trap through in-app purchases
✔ Large and active (international) community  


Dubsmash was launched in 2014 and was developed by the Berlin-based company Mobile Motion. After its release, it was quickly hailed as the “best time eater of the year”. Dubsmash allows you to record short videos based on famous quotes by moving your lips in sync with them. Additionally, you have the option to upload your own sounds and use them for a short video, known as a Dub. Once recorded, you can save the video on your smartphone and share it with friends on Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, or other messaging services.

The German TikTok alternative is available free of charge for iOS and Android and is very popular internationally. In the USA, talk show legend Jimmy Fallon used the app on the Tonight Show. There is nothing to worry about from a data protection point of view, as the content is stored directly on the user’s device. However, users should be careful when uploading the Dubs to YouTube or Facebook, since this reaches a large audience and using famous quotes online may infringe copyright. However, it is safe when sending the clips to friends on messenger or via email.

Advantages Disadvantages
✔ Easy to operate ✘ No direct exchange with other users
✔ Videos remain on the user’s device or are shared with friends or a community. ✘ Functions and filters restricted


The next application similar to TikTok is called Chingari, which comes from India and achieved even higher download numbers than TikTok shortly after its release. Like TikTok, Chingari focuses on the simple creation of dance and music videos. The developers are constantly working on new filters, as well as new interfaces to well-known messaging services and other ways to interact. For example, videos can be shared on WhatsApp, but they can also be shown in the user’s profile and public stream.

In addition to Likes, users can collect points which can be converted into money. In 2021, Chingari introduced its own crypto token “$GARI” to monetize content.

The app’s main target group is still the Indian and South Asian market. The TikTok alternative works with Indian music labels and provides music in Indian languages, e.g. Punjabi, Bengali, and Marathi, but English is also widely available as a video language. Chingari is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

Videos can be watched without an account. However, a phone number or Google account is required to create an account to access the other features. Your data and videos are also stored in the app and Chingari has access to your Google account data and/or your phone.

Advantages Disadvantages
✔ Operation and design strongly resemble the original ✘ Community largely in India/South Asia
✔ Interesting for lovers of Indian/Asian music ✘ Data storage/processing in India
✔ Innovative approach with own cryptocurrency  


Funimate was developed by a Turkish development team, and it is very similar to TikTok. The Funimate app has its own community, where videos can be shared, commented on, and liked, however, the main focus of the app is on the simple editing of videos. For this purpose, countless effects, elements, and transitions are available, which outnumber the features available on TikTok according to user reviews. Creating high quality dance and lip-sync videos is possible without any prior knowledge.

The finished edited video can be shared on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other social media platforms. The high quality of Funimate videos might lead to a quality boost on TikTok and other platforms.

This TikTok alternative is available for iOS and Android and can be used for free. However, you must unlock certain functions through in-app purchases to access all the effects. A user account is also necessary, which can be created with a Facebook account or an email account. As with other applications similar to TikTok, you must also disclose personal data.

Advantages Disadvantages
✔ Extremely large selection of effects and editing options ✘ Full range of functions only available through payment
✔ Videos can be shared on various platforms  

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Clash (formerly Byte)

The new star among TikTok alternatives may be familiar to some. After the extremely popular platform Vine was discontinued in 2017, artists found a new creative home in 2018 with the app Byte. The same app has been called Clash since 2021. The TikTok alternative is more reminiscent of Vine than TikTok.

The focus is on short videos with your own art, which can be music, dance, or comedy. A library with music is not provided. Like TikTok, Clash also provides an overview of recommended videos, which is based on the community’s recommendations.

Don’t worry if you’re not creative, you can still be a part of the Clash community by supporting artists in the form of “drops”. These are small amounts of money which you can pay to the artists. This is intended to provide targeted financial support for independent creatives, along with a payment system started by Clash.

Although Clash has only been on the market for iOS and Android for a few months, the app is already considered a great alternative to TikTok. However, it is also an American development based in California, so ethical data protection and storage is not expected.

Advantages Disadvantages
✔ Platform for your own art ✘ Often loaded with spam comments
✔ Artists can receive targeted financial support  

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