Servers of Minecraft: a server for every gameplay style

Referred to as virtual Lego, Minecraft has been a classic game for years. Its popularity hasn’t waned as the years rolled on and it is as popular as ever today. One of the most popular features of Minecraft now is its multiplayer mode – and one of the most creative elements of the multiplayer mode is found via online servers. We’ve listed an array of some of the most impressive, creative and entertaining servers of Minecraft in this article. If you’re a long-time fan of Minecraft, enjoy looking over some of these classics, alongside some more “indie” servers. If you’re new to Minecraft, sit back and enjoy getting to know some of the most creative ideas within the gaming community. There’s something for everyone, and we’re sure this list of Minecraft servers will inspire seasoned gamers and curious newbies alike.

Wait a second… what exactly is a server of Minecraft?

If you already know all about this, scroll down and dive into the amazing servers we’ve found below. However, maybe you’re just starting to get into the Minecraft world. Let’s give you a quick crash-course. A Minecraft server is what enables Minecraft gamers to play together remotely, over the internet. Setting up a Minecraft server allows you to control various elements within the game such as game modes, and the number of players in the game. There is a huge number of servers out there to join – consider these servers to be something like an online catalog where you can choose what kind of game to join. We’ve created a mini-catalog of these servers in our list of Minecraft servers – these will give you a good idea of what is out there.

Psst! Secretly wondering what a server is, too? Don’t worry, you can read up on this in our article and get a little more tech-savvy.

A list of the best servers for Minecraft

Ok, let’s get started! We’re really excited to show you these servers of Minecraft – each one incorporates its own rules, atmosphere, and community. Of course, this list of Minecraft servers is by no means exhaustive, but it does showcase some of the best servers for Minecraft.


We couldn’t write a list of Minecraft servers without including Hypixel. Hypixel is one of the bigger Minecraft communities, and has a huge variety of gameplay modes. There are lots of minigames on this server of Minecraft, too, making it a perfect server to kick off this list – it showcases some of the best features of Minecraft multiplayer.

  • IP Address:
  • Lots of minigames
  • Stunning creativity
  • Thriving community
  • Regular updates


To counter a potentially overwhelming experience on some of the big servers like Hypixel or Mineplex (see below), Autcraft is a server of Minecraft designed for people with autism in mind. Whilst it is quite a standard server in itself, the efforts made to prevent scary characters cropping up in game makes it worth putting on the list as a server that is family-friendly and safe.

  • IP Address:
  • Make an application to join – helps keep the server child- and family-friendly.
  • IRL events such as Autcraft AutCon
  • Designed for people with Autism in mind
  • Big community focused on positivity and relaxation
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Pirate Craft

Another well-known and popular server, Pirate Craft is ambitious and creative, just like the best servers for Minecraft should be. Oh, and there are functioning ships. That’s right! This immersive roleplay server lets you steer port and starboard trying to avoid enemy obstacles and cannons. You’ll be shouting Ahoy! YAR! and Matey! before you know it. Just make sure you keep up that vitamin C intake.

  • IP Address:
  • Immersive RPG server of Minecraft
  • PvP (Player v Player) challenges
  • Realistic economy
  • Creativity supported via safe zones
  • Did we mention functioning ships?!

Have these first few amazing servers sparked your inspiration to host your own Minecraft server? Or maybe even host other games on servers, such as farming simulators? The smoothest experience will be through hiring a dedicated server. These are available at IONOS, so if this article has got you rearing to go and mine, and/or farm, or get back to Counter Strike, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got dedicated servers for you to host at your leisure. Now, let’s get back to that list of Minecraft servers.

Potter World MC

The beauty of Minecraft is that it allows you to create worlds that are rooted in fantasy, or real-life (such as EarthMC, see below). A stunningly detailed server of Minecraft is Potterworld MC, and it blends fantasy and real-life by creating fantasy maps of a real-life fantasy story– still with us? TL;DR: It’s a Harry Potter themed server of Minecraft.

Fans of the books and the movies alike will enjoy being able to virtually wander the halls of Hogwarts, play Quidditch, and marvel at the beauty of the Hogwarts grounds. The server incorporates RPG and events and has a lively, creative community. We highly recommend watching the YouTube video below – if you’ve seen the movies, you’ll recognize each shot - and you won’t believe the level of detail in this server of Minecraft!

  • IP Address:
  • Events can be found on the website
  • Regular roleplay events – at time of writing, “On the Trail” or “Mysterious Broadcast” were just added
  • Amazingly accurate
  • Maps outside of Hogwarts, too
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Ranch n’ Craft

Perhaps the Red Dead Redemption of the Minecraft world, Ranch n’ Craft is the place to go if you’re looking for dramatic saloon fights, or just want to live out your equestrian dreams – seriously, this server provides so much detail for the budding equestrian. Horses get sick, have personalities, and can breed. Truly a rancher’s life, and it’s all unique to this server. Sure, this is a niche, but it’s well worth it to break out of your usual gaming mode.

  • IP:
  • Custom horse plugin
  • Survival server
  • Prides itself on being family-friendly
  • There may or may not be line dancing

Creative Fun

A server that doesn’t get a huge amount of attention, Creative Fun is somewhat underrated – underrated because it is, after all, the largest Creative server in the world. The concept is beginner-friendly and can help you find your footing in the big wide world of creative and multiplayer servers. You get a 512x512 sized plot and can build away as you wish and enjoy the creations of other players, too. The gameplay is straightforward, making it perfect for people wanting to get involved in online play.

  • IP Address:
  • Multiple creative servers that can host up to 500 players each
  • Custom home names
  • Perfect for beginners and non-competitive players

Among Us

Nope – we’re not talking about the wrong game here! There is even an Among Us themed Minecraft Server, and the social deduction game has taken off on Minecraft as it has across the rest of the online world. Don’t worry if you haven’t played the original Among Us, though, because you’ll pick up the rules quick enough. We’re sure you’ll get hooked! You don’t need mods or texture packs, but you can get Among Us themed skins if you really want to deep-dive into the cross-over.

  • IP Address:
  • No mods or texture packs required
  • Active player base – you won’t need to wait long to get started
  • Winning is achieved by being ranked on a leaderboard
  • Show up with a group or alone
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Altitude is both beautiful and fun. It combines four survival servers which are synced, meaning that there are multiple layers of gameplay for you to enjoy. You have a lot of creative freedom on this server, but being survival-based, it’ll also keep you on your toes. Altitude claims to be unique in its server set-up, and that’s why we’ve included it on this list. It’s neat that you don’t lose currency and rewards when you switch between servers, too. Plus, the builds are pretty beautiful, which is never a bad thing.

  • IP Address:
  • Keep currency and rewards when switching between servers.
  • Monthly server events
  • McMMO mod
  • Huge community
  • Dynamic map
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HBO’s Game of Thrones may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’ve had our fill of the fantasy world. If you’re looking to find a way to get more Game of Thrones-themed content into your life, WesterosCraft is certain to do the trick. The focus seems to be on building now, and the community of this sever is hard-working and precise. If you want to join the build team, you’ll have to apply, but you can enjoy a walkthrough any time. Their YouTube channel is really active, if you want to get some inspiration (we’ve included a video below!)

  • IP Address:
  • 1.5 billion blocks placed
  • Builds based on HBO’s show
  • You have to fill in an application to be part of the build team
  • Exploration open to all
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Swedish based EarthMC allows players to freely roam the world, which might be particularly appealing if travel has been restricted for you for a while. Small town building is encouraged, as is establishing nations or joining existing ones. As you can guess, where nations are involved, PvP gameplay follows. How historically accurate you want to be is up to you and your fellow players. As for us, we’ll be getting to grips with the economy and trade and doing our best to prosper.

  • IP Address:
  • Chat to a mayor for your own plot, collect some gold, and you’re off!
  • Map is not available for download
  • Lively community
  • Blend of creativity and PvP


ExtremeCraft is one of the big ones. It is one of the largest Minecraft servers and there are lots of servers hosting different game types. In the mood for Hide and Seek? Prison-mode? BedWars? RPG? Survival? ExtremeCraft has so much to offer. Should you ever need inspiration or prompts for your next build, Extreme Craft host competitions for big builds.

  • IP Address:
  • Huge variety of game modes
  • Active, experienced community
  • Website offers a suggestion board for active member input
  • Some mods are not allowed – make sure you wise up on the rules first
  • EggWars has been discontinued as of January 31st

Lord of the Craft

From the font of the logo in the bottom right of the picture above, to the name itself, this server evokes all things Lord of the Rings. But Lord of the Craft is really an RPG server that draws heavily on the LotR world without directly replicating it (unlike Westeroscraft, mentioned above). You have to apply to play on this server and will need to set up a backstory to get involved. Dungeons and Dragons fans will be in good stead to get stuck in straight away with a well-developed character, but honestly, anyone can do it! Don’t feel shy or embarrassed – fully committing to your character could lead you to enjoy one of the best-established RPG servers of Minecraft.

  • IP Address:
  • RPG server
  • Apply to play – you must remain in character whilst playing
  • Tons of custom plugins
  • Active, committed community - battles involving hundreds of players has known to occur


How could we not finish our list of Minecraft servers with the biggest of them all?! Mineplex is the largest server at time of writing and offers something for every player. Because this server is so massive, there is always going to be someone online, and staff and players are great in helping others out. If you’re into survival and skywars, or speed building and being creative, or all of it, you’ll be well accommodated with Mineplex.

  • IP Address: or
  • Seasonal events such as advent calendars and new hubs for holidays
  • Frequent updates and active support
  • At its peak, 34k players were online simultaneously
  • Minekart is a MarioKart rip off, and one of the best racing minigames we’ve come across

Feel like there’s something missing? There may be a huge variety and number of Minecraft servers out there, but if you’ve got your idea, we’d love to help you make it a reality – whether that’s managing a Minecraft server or hosting a new one. Host your own Minecraft server with a dedicated server at IONOS, and control every element of your game, create a new community, and develop a whole new facet for this ever-growing community.

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