How to set the Firefox Homepage

Most users access at least one website every day. In a professional setting for example, a company's intranet usually forms part of this. At home, users often start an online search query on Google to access other websites from there. If you use one or more websites every day, it can be a good idea to set frequently used pages as your Firefox homepage to avoid having to enter the URL of these pages every time the browser is launched.

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How to set a Firefox homepage via the toolbar

The browser toolbar integrates a button that allows you to assess your currently set homepage. The tool also lets you change the Firefox homepage. The following instructions show the steps involved.

Step 1: Launch website

Open your Firefox browser and launch the website you wish to set as your Firefox homepage.

Step 2: Set Firefox homepage

Left-click on the page’s tab and hold down the button. Drag the tab to the Home button in the toolbar.

The “Set Home Page” dialog opens. Confirm the changes by clicking on “Yes”. The next time you start Firefox, the selected page will automatically open as the homepage.

You can use these steps to change the Firefox homepage. The browser updates your selection as soon as you drag a new web page onto the button. To set multiple Firefox homepages, follow the instructions below.

Set Firefox homepage via the settings

Mozilla Firefox is one of the three most used and best browsers. Its advantages include high security standards and extensive options for customization. Via the settings you can delete the Firefox history or choose your preferred Firefox language from over 90 options. You can also set up one or more homepages.

Step 1: open settings

Launch the menu (symbol with three horizontal lines) of your Firefox browser from the toolbar. Then left-click to select the “Settings” option.

Step 2: Set Mozilla homepage

Select the “Home” section on the left. Then open the drop-down menu next to “Homepage and new windows”. Select the option “Custom URLs” and set the desired Firefox homepage.

Set multiple homepages

Mozilla Firefox lets you set multiple homepages. In this case, several tabs open when you launch the browser. To define several pages as the Mozilla homepage, enter them in the corresponding input field. Separate the individual URLs with the “|” symbol.


The “|” (Pipe) symbol can be added using the key combination (AltGr) + (<).

Change Firefox homepage in Android

Mozilla Firefox is also a popular browser among Android users. On mobile devices, there is no way to specify a Firefox homepage that opens automatically when the browser is launched. Instead, you can select top pages that Firefox will display in the form of icons on the homepage. In this way, the browser is optimized for use on mobile devices which makes it easier to navigate on small screens. We explain how to set important pages on your Android device.

Step 1: launch website

Launch your Firefox browser and open the website you wish to set as a top page.

Step 2: set top page

Open the browser settings (three vertical points). Then select the “Add to top sites” option.

The next time you open the browser, Firefox will display the selected page as an icon on the homepage. Multiple selections are possible and make navigation on mobile devices easier.

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