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If you have recently decided to become a freelance graphic designer, creating an online portfolio to showcase your work, and demonstrate your skills to prospective employers, will strengthen your career and help you connect with new clients. Making an online portfolio is not as difficult as it sounds - the first step is to find the right domain name. As a new top-level domain, .graphics currently has great availability, which means the URL for your online portfolio could be yourname.graphics, which instantly identifies you as a graphic designer and shows potential clients you understand the importance of creating a coherent online identity for any brand or company.

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The world of graphic design is competitive, especially if you are a freelancer. Your online portfolio will be one of many on the web, which is why it is important to make yours stand out and stick in the minds of clients. The most popular extensions for domains are .com or .org, which is what many of your competitors are likely to choose. If you buy a .graphics domain your website will have something a little different. Register a .graphics domain and make your website reflect the unique and creative style of your graphic work. Not only will a .graphics domain attract employers, it will also impress customers, should you consider selling your artwork online.

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A TLD, which stands for top-level domain, is simply the technical term for the part of the domain that comes at the end. The most frequently used top-level domains are .org, .com or country-specific extensions like .co.uk. Since November new top-level domains have been launched, which are more creative and industry-specific, like .graphics, so, essentially, new TLDs are just more creative versions of the old commonly used TLDs. You will still need to choose a domain name for your website, which is the part that comes before the TLD. Think of a new TLD as a special addition to your domain name, if you don't choose a new TLD you will have to choose between .com, .org, or a country specific extension. Or, you could try something a little different and chose a new TLD that will strengthen your brand identity, and make your domain name specific to your industry.

So, you have decided to buy a .graphics domain but have discovered your desired domain isn't available? Here at IONOS we have brand new domain names with great availability, and .graphics is one of them, so it is unlikely that yours will be unavailable. But if it isn't, don't worry, we have other great, related domain names for you to choose from, like .digital, .media, or .technology. Our online domain checker also allows you to see what domains are available before you decide to make a purchase. We recommend trying out a couple of different domains before making your decision, to ensure you choose an available domain name. It is also important to reserve your TLD to ensure it doesn't get taken by competitors. If your ideal domain is taken, you can either make an offer to your competitor to buy it, choose from one of our other new top-level domain extensions, or shorten the name. For example, if your URL includes both your first and second name you could change it to just your second name, like smith.graphics instead of robsmith.graphics.

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