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New .tech extensions from IONOS are perfect for technology companies

Looking for new ways to make your technology website more relevant? Check out new .tech domains from IONOS, and grab the attention of potential visitors and customers. Major technology blogs and businesses already know the best ways to optimize their websites online, so for those wanting to establish themselves or gain even greater exposure, the new extension is a great alternative to traditional top-level domains, as they immediately increase your website's relevance. Your website can stand out from the crowd as readers and customers know what your website or business is all about with a simple glance of your URL.

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.tech is a new domain extensions operated by Radix, one of the world’s largest new domain registries. A .tech domain is for anyone who is passionate about or works in the tech space.

The perfect domain for all websites related to technology

Anyone managing a technology-related website can distinguish themselves from the competition by having a memorable .tech domain name. IONOS offers a convenient domain search tool for website owners to determine if their desired .tech domain name is available for registration. All you need to do is type in your preferred website address, and the tool will show you if that domain name is available for purchase. You can search for any domain name you would like, and register your new domain name today!

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In 2013, a roster of new top-level domains were made available, all of which offer lots of marketing potential for names for new websites. A top-level domain refers to the part of a domain name that appears at the end, like the generic examples .com, .org; and country-specific ones like .co.uk and .fr. Thanks to the newly released batch of TLDs, you can now emphasize your affinity for technology and highlight your website's focus by registering a .tech domain from IONOS.

Landing yourself a catchy and unique domain extension can help set your technology website apart from the competition in terms of both user perception and search engine optimization. That's because prospective customers or users can instantly recognize and remember what your business or platform is about. Your URL is one of the most important aspects of your online identity — make it count. Internet users will find you easier in search result pages compared to websites that don't have a tech domain name because your name stands out for its relevance. Grab one for an affordable price and make your technology website more relevant today!

The race to own the best domain names is fierce, so we recommend that you find out sooner rather than later if your great idea for a technology website name is available. You can check domain names with IONOS in a matter of seconds. Simply type in your chosen prefix to .tech in our search box on this page. We'll tell you in an instant if your desired name is available. You can search for as many names as you like as often as you like. Don't worry if your name is already taken, we'll provide you with a list of suitable alternative extensions that are available — all based on your original search.

At IONOS, we like to go the extra mile for our customers. So we also help you protect your brand when you register a tech domain with us. The Internet is full of copycat businesses that mimic the appeal and USPs of successful websites. This is often done by creating a similar sounding domain extension. When you register a tech domain with IONOS, we also provide you with a list of available domain extensions. You can quickly and easily procure any number of these — it's the smart way to safeguard your brand from third party misuse.

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