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Powerful Python Hosting for your Projects

Reliable high-performance hosting for Python, Ruby, and Perl
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Package overview

Free domain
Wildcard SSL Certificate
24/7 support


For one website or project

12 months $4/month then $6/month

Best for 1 website

10 GB storage

10 databases (1 GB SSD)

10 email accounts

Free domain for 1 year Included free domain extensions: .us, . ca, . com, . net, . org, . info, . me, . biz, . online.Close

Basic CPU & MEM resources Performance Level: Basic Optimized for up to 50 visitors per minute on your website (384 MB PHP memory, up to 512 MB RAM).Close


For larger web projects

12 months $1/month then $10/month

Unlimited websites

Unlimited storage

Unlimited databases

50 email accounts

Free domain for 1 year Included free domain extensions: .us, . ca, . com, . net, . org, . info, . me, . biz, . online.Close

Enhanced CPU & MEM resources Performance Level: 2 of 5 Optimized for up to 200 visitors per minute on your websites (768 MB PHP memory, up to 6 GB RAM).Close


For multiple large web projects

12 months $8/month then $16/month

Unlimited websites

Unlimited storage

Unlimited databases

100 email accounts

Free domain for 1 year Included free domain extensions: .us, . ca, . com, . net, . org, . info, . me, . biz, . online.Close

Maximum CPU & MEM resources Performance Level: 5 of 5 Optimized for up to 500 visitors per minutes on your websites (896 MB PHP memory, up to 19 GB RAM).Close

SiteScan malware protection SiteScan provides enhanced protection against malware, vulnerabilities, and other online threats.Close

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Our Content Delivery Network boosts performance by caching your website and distributing it across 150+ data centers worldwide. Users receive data from the closest server, and get faster loading times as a result.Close

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Why choose Python hosting with us?

Our solutions are some of the best Python hosting options available for web and software developers.
The IONOS by 1&1 packages are designed to give you all the tools and features you need to ensure a smooth programming experience, providing an ideal foundation for Ruby, Perl, or Python-based projects. Among other advantages, our Python hosting services include:

  • Daily backup of webspace and databases

  • Complete data recovery in the event of data loss

  • 24/7 support from the IONOS by 1&1 team

  • SSD webspace for super-fast and reliable performance

  • Stringent security measures, such as a free SSL certificate and DDoS protection

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Options for web hosting with Python, Ruby, and Perl

Python hosting

  • Web hosting with Python is available at IONOS by 1&1
  • Python is one of the simplest scripting languages to learn and read
  • Python has an extensive standard library to assist you with common programming functions
  • Popular Python frameworks: Django, Pyramid, TurboGears, Web2py

Perl hosting

  • In addition to Python, the IONOS by 1&1 hosting packages support the Perl programming language
  • Unlike Python and Ruby, Perl is a procedural-oriented language
  • Perl is great at manipulating text, but can also be very versatile

Ruby hosting

  • Ruby hosting is also covered by the IONOS by 1&1 packages
  • Like Python, Ruby is an object-oriented programming language
  • Ruby has a reputation for having an elegant syntax that is natural to read
  • Ruby hosting is great for building websites

Comparison of the different scripting languages


+ Easy and quick to learn

+ Multiple platforms

+ Readable syntax

+ Plenty of community support

+ Easy to learn

+ Easy syntax

+ Easy MySQL connectivity

+ Open source

+ Wide variety of libraries and frameworks

+ Powerful language

+ Object-oriented language

+ Excellent for text manipulation

+ High flexibility and versatility


- Database access layer limitations

- Limited multi-processor/core performance

- Comparatively slow rate of innovation

- Slower processing time

- Innovates quicker, but this may lead to errors and bugs

- Difficult to debug

- Not portable

- Poor argument handling

- No interpreter shell

- Multiple ways to achieve same results can lead to untidy code

- Fewer informational resources







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Python hosting features and functions

  • Open source: Python is completely free to use and the source code is publicly available.
  • Programmer-friendly: The syntax is relatively simple to code and read compared to some other languages, and it is a high-level programming language.
  • Portable: The language is cross-platform, so can run on multiple platforms like Linux, Windows, macOS, and so on.
  • Extensive standard library: A Python download comes with a large library of common facilities and functions for various purposes, such as regular expressions, MySQL databases, and document generation.
  • Interpreted language: Unlike with C++ or Java, you don’t have to compile Python because the source code is converted into bytecode internally. Python is also executed line by line, making code easier to debug.
  • Object-oriented: As opposed to procedure-oriented languages, Python focuses on objects which combine data and functionality. However, it also supports procedure-oriented programming.
Graphical display: Increase the performance of your hosting package
Python and PHP are two of the most popular programming languages when it comes to web development. The languages are used for similar purposes and, similarly to Python hosting services, there are also powerful PHP web hosting packages available. However, there are some distinguishing factors and reasons why Python may be better suited to your needs. For example, coding with Python is clearer and cross-platform compatible. Because it is object-oriented, it’s more readable, and its syntax is simpler, it can be easier to write good code in Python. The standard library in Python is also very strong compared to PHP’s, featuring well-developed library support for a wide array of applications. Furthermore, web hosting with Python is just one of its possibilities. Whereas PHP is primarily intended for creating web pages, Python has many more use cases – from app development to machine learning.
For web development hosting, Perl and Ruby are more directly comparable to Python, since they are all open source, general purpose programming languages. However, each one has distinct characteristics. Deciding whether to go for Perl, Ruby, or Python hosting may therefore depend on your individual preferences. For example, the nature of the languages themselves differ. Perl’s procedural syntax is complex but can be effective in the right hands, while Python’s code is much cleaner and easily understandable. Meanwhile, Ruby is similarly easy to read, but is also highly flexible, giving you plenty of creative options. However, Python is more direct, with only one correct way to do things, which can make debugging faults much quicker and easier than Perl and Ruby. Beyond the language itself, the strength of the community behind the languages plays a role. Both Python and Ruby have large and active communities to offer support, whereas there is less support and information available for Perl since it isn’t as popular.
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FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the topic

Python is a general purpose programming language, which can be used for vast array of applications – including web development. For instance, with a Python hosting package from IONOS, you can develop web and mobile applications or run scripts and automation. Thanks to its cross-compatibility, any applications you develop in Python will run seamlessly on any system. In technical terms, Python is an object-oriented and high-level language, which means it is closer to human languages than machine languages. This makes it easier to read and interpret than some other kinds of programming language. In addition, Python comes with a rich library of first and third-party software, providing convenient solutions for common programming tasks.

If you have any further questions about Python hosting, visit the IONOS Help Center – our team of experts will be happy to assist you.

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