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Thur, July 18, 3:30 pm, Stage 8

From Foundation Model to Hosted AI Solution in Minutes

with Stephan Schosser (IONOS) & Kevin Klues (NVIDIA)

Our infrastructure leverages NVIDIA GPUs to provide versatile support for various languages and enhanced generation, ensuring seamless integration and top-tier performance.

Discover how our AI Model Hub enables the rapid deployment of hosted AI solutions, transforming foundation models into fully operational AI applications quickly.

Connect with Stephan and Kevin on LinkedIn.

Fri, July 19, 11:00 am, Stage 1

Operating etcd Clusters for Managed Kubernetes

with Mario Valderrama & Tinashe Mundangepfupfu (IONOS)

An insightful session on operating etcd for Managed Kubernetes in the IONOS Cloud, where we'll delve into our experiences with etcd drift, migration, and multi-tenancy.

Learn how we tackled challenges such as maintaining consistency, migrating etcd while keeping our service running, and supporting multiple tenants in a high-demand environment.

Connect with Mario and Tinashe on LinkedIn.

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Code smarter with our AI Model Hub

Revolutionize development with rapid prototyping, code review, automation, and customization using cutting-edge LLMs. Streamline tasks, boost productivity, and access advanced AI capabilities.

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IONOS Kubernetes

Deploy faster and level up your DevOps

Explore IONOS Kubernetes for seamless container orchestration, automated scaling, high availability, and DevOps streamlining. Ensure optimal performance and reliability without downtime.

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Do you want to learn more about our cloud products, get insights from digital experts on all things AI, and network with like-minded people?

Then, explore the IONOS Summit, our flagship event where innovation meets expertise in the realm of digitalization and cloud infrastructure. This summit isn’t just an event, but a convergence of ideas, technologies, and forward-thinking strategies, designed for anyone planning to digitalize their business for the future.

Join us on September 19th in Berlin!

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Generative AI runs on IONOS infrastructure powered by NVIDIA

NVIDIA powers AI with its leading GPUs and is driving innovation in deep learning and high-performance computing.

Hall 2.2: Booth 2-13

The future of digital infrastructure with Intel-powered IONOS solutions

Intel is fueling AI innovation with cutting-edge hardware like CPUs and AI chips, empowering businesses to scale AI through cloud technologies.

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