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Version 20.10.9-2

Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship and run applications in containers. Developers can use containers to package the applications with their dependencies into containers, making execution easier and faster on every platform.

  • Build and run the same applications everywhere with the only platform that can provide trusted and certified end-to-edge security.
  • Developers have the freedom to innovate with their choice of tools, application stacks, and deployment environments for each project.
  • Docker makes it easy to get up and running in minutes and rapidly code, test, and collaborate while ensuring consistency between development and production.
These applications run on AlmaLinux 8
Minimum requirements: Cloud Server XS
Your contract allows you to use as many free apps as you’d like. Each app simply needs its own VM.
We recommend:
Cloud Server XS
Cloud Server S
Cloud Server M
Cloud Server RAM M
Cloud Server L
Cloud Server RAM L
Cloud Server XL
Cloud Server RAM XL
Cloud Server XXL
Cloud Server RAM XXL
Cloud Server 3XL
Cloud Server 4XL
Cloud Server 5XL