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Joomla! is a high-performance, open source content management system. This open source content management system is used for the administration of simple websites and complex business applications. With Joomla! you can also create and manage intranet sites, blogs and mobile applications. For this content management system, numerous free and paid templates are available, which are optimised for display on mobile devices. Additionally, Joomla! supports LESS CSS and jQuery. Joomla! is easy to install and administer and is also reliable. Users only require basic text processing skills in order to be able to add or edit content, update images and administer critical data. Any changes to posts will be recorded. Due to the versioning, older post versions can be restored easily and conveniently. Thanks to the rights system, you have the possibility to control permissions and processes. In addition, you can directly access the cloud storage services by means of an API. Joomla! is easy to  to extend. You can download numerous extensions in the Joomla! Extension Directory (JED). Some of these extensions are free and others are subject to a charge.

  • User administration: Joomla! contains a registration system that allows you to configure personal settings. Authentication is an important part of user administration and Joomla! supports multiple protocols, including LDAP, OpenID and Gmail.
  • Language management: Joomla! supports various different languages. You can change the user interface language at any time. Furthermore, you can use Joomla! to design multilingual pages easily and conveniently.
  • Banner management: The banner management tool allows you to easily and conveniently set up and manage banners on your website. It allows you to create customer, campaigns, and any number of banners. In addition, you can insert individual codes in order to be able to use special tracking systems.

These applications run on AlmaLinux 8

Minimum requirements: Cloud Server XS


Your contract allows you to use as many free apps as you’d like. Each app simply needs its own VM.

$ 0 . 0097 /hour max.  $ 7 /month
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Cloud Server XS

1 vCore CPU

512 MB RAM


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