Popular WooCommerce Themes and Templates

WooCommerce is WordPress’ answer to eCommerce. The store plugin is one of the most popular extensions of the CMS. But which WooCommerce templates are available and what features do they offer? What are the best WooCommerce themes for your purpose? Read on to find out.

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WooCommerce themes: the top 5

  Flatsome Divi Storefront Porto Sparkling
Plenty of designs Partly
Great support
Free Partly

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What to look for when choosing a WooCommerce template

Before you select a WooCommerce theme, you may want to consider a few points. A huge variety of WooCommerce templates are now available and not every provider is recommendable or suitable for your individual needs. By asking a few questions in advance, you can find the most suitable plugin for your site faster. The list of questions depends on your requirements, but you should check the following factors in any case:

  1. It’s always a good idea to ask yourself what exactly you need a template for? WooCommerce themes come with numerous specifications and most will be specific to a certain task. Is your product offering highly specialized toward a single type of product or does your range expand constantly? Do you require mega menu support, translations, or a rating feature? List the features you need before you begin your search and you’ll be sure to find a suitable WooCommerce template in no time.
  2. Your search will likely be somewhat restricted by your budget. While there are numerous free WooCommerce themes, many premium templates incur an annual licensing fee. If a paid theme is tailored to your needs but the free version cuts important features, you’ll be better served choosing the commercial option. Draw a cost-benefit calculation in advance and then decide.
  3. User friendliness is an important decision factor and encompasses various components. For one, the operation and integration of a WooCommerce theme should be intuitive even for non-experts. A smooth operating process is important during installation and ongoing operation. If problems arise, it’s important that you can contact a good support network.
  4. Your customers will likely use different devices to view and order products. Responsiveness is an absolute must for your site and your store. While a theme shouldn’t forgo responsive design these days, how well a WooCommerce template functions on different browsers and devices is another matter. Responsiveness is an important factor for search engine rankings.
  5. Another question that should not be neglected is whether the design and structure of the corresponding template suit your store or brand. Although you can customize the look of your store, not every provider offers the corresponding layout options. A well-designed web store should match your web presence and branding.

Community input can be important when choosing a WooCommerce theme. Look for testimonials, check reviews, and explore how often a template is used. While there are no guarantees, a frequently used theme with numerous positive reviews and an active community may provide a better user experience.

Top five free WooCommerce themes 2021

In the following, we compare five popular providers of WooCommerce themes. These are among the best free themes on the market. So if you are planning to sell your products online, these templates are an excellent choice.

Flatsome: the allrounder with minor weaknesses

Flatsome has a huge following and is one of the most used paid-for WooCommerce themes globally. The template is easy enough for beginners and laymen to use while delivering impressive results. Numerous layout options and content elements are available to create a customized design in just a few steps. The themes are particularly well-suited to small stores. There are some drawbacks with the CSS integration, but if you have problems, you can rely on help from a broad and dedicated community.

Pros Cons
Easy setup Not great for SEO
Multiple layout options No optimal CSS integration
Header builder via drag and drop Comparatively prone to bugs
Always up to date  
Large community and good support  

Divi: fast solution at a cost

Compared to other WooCommerce themes, Divi is much more expensive. In return, the buyer receives their own site builder, a heavily customizable store design, all without requiring any programming knowledge. You don’t have to compromise on responsiveness either. The loading times are impressively fast. Customer support and a large community are available to support users. The template only reaches its limits when there are too many different articles.

Pros Cons
Site builder Comparatively expensive
Easy to use Partial problems with a large assortment
Excellent performance on mobile devices  
Fast loading times  
Good support  
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Storefront: the perfect solution for beginners

Storefront provides a middle ground between free WooCommerce themes and paid versions. The free plan is great for getting started, but for a more professional store you need the commercial option, because many functions and layout options are not included in the basic version. Storefront was created by the developers of WooCommerce, which is why compatibility is always ensured. A strong, responsive design and fast load times are among its core strengths.

Pros Cons
Best compatibility with WooCommerce Limited options in basic version
Strong, responsive design  
Fast loading times  
Extensions possible  

Porto: the crowd pleaser among the WooCommerce templates

One of the most popular WooCommerce themes on the market is Porto. The creators call their product the perfect theme for beginners and professionals. Users require no prior knowledge to build an online store with Porto. It’s user-friendly and fully customizable. Whether you’re looking to sell homemade products on the Internet, art or need a clever design for your clothing brand – Porto has it. SEO optimization is easy to manage with Porto and page load times are fast. The provider is also known for its great support.

Pros Cons
Many design options  
Fast loading times  
Great support  

Sparkling: a top choice among the free WooCommerce themes

Sparkling is among the few freely available WooCommerce themes that can keep up with commercial alternatives. Its strengths are its responsive design options, meaning your store will look great on any device with Sparkling. Sparkling is compatible with numerous WordPress plugins and includes a full-screen slider. Support is fast and competent. However, Sparkling loses a few points when it comes to scope – paid options offer a greater variety of design and function options.

Pros Cons
Free Fewer features than commercial WooCommerce themes
Runs well on all end devices  
Compatible with many plugins  

WooCommerce themes: the range is enormous

The providers presented above are undoubtedly among the best WooCommerce themes currently available. However, if you didn’t find what you were looking for, check out countless other providers to create your online store with WordPress.

If you’re still struggling between Shopify or WooCommerce, take into account that Shopify offers significantly fewer customization options. Take your time to compare all options to find the solution that best suits your needs


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