How to sell products on Etsy

On the e-commerce website Etsy you can sell products online. Usually ones with a creative, unique flair. We show how to start selling on Etsy successfully with Etsy Shop Manager.

Which products can you sell easily on Etsy?

Once you have set up your own Etsy store, you can stock it with your products. You’ll pick from the following product categories:

  • Handmade: Products made by hand.
  • Vintage: Items that are at least 20 years old.
  • Craft supplies & tools: Tools, materials and the like that are intended for others to be creative

It is important to note that handmade and homemade aren’t the same thing. That is, you can also sell products on Etsy that someone else has made. But in this case the design must be yours, for example, and your production partner must be referenced. However, most sellers on Etsy use the platform to sell homemade goods.


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Which products are not permitted to be sold on Etsy?

The items you list on your Etsy store not only have to belong to one of the categories above, but also have to comply with the site’s guidelines. Products that you are not allowed to sell on Etsy are:

  • Services and rentals
  • Items that infringe intellectual property rights
  • Resale of handmade items that you did not create or design yourself

In addition, Etsy lists lots of items that are prohibited. This category includes alcohol and drugs, as well as dangerous items such as weapons. It is recommended that you read the “Prohibited Items Policy” carefully before you start selling products on Etsy.

How to sell products on Etsy and why it’s a good idea

If you choose Etsy as your sales platform and become an Etsy seller, you will benefit from various advantages. For example, the international audience ensures that you can reach customers from all over the world. Of all online sales platforms, Etsy is one of the first places for people to go who are looking for creative, unique products. In addition, creating an Etsy store is easy and the listing fee per item is just $0.20.

However, Etsy also has certain disadvantages. For example, along with the popularity of the site comes the fact that the competition between stores is really high. If you want to sell products on Etsy, it is crucial to stand out in the crowd. Another disadvantage is the severe limitation of product categories. If you want to sell more than just handmade items and the like, Etsy might not be the best place to look. Also, your Etsy account can be suspended if you are behind on a payment, for example.

Pros Cons
✔ International, popular site ✘ Strong competition
✔ Ideal platform for selling handmade, creative products ✘ Only a few product categories
✔ Easy store creation and handling ✘ Etsy account can be suddenly blocked in case of suspected violations
✔ Low listing fee per item

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Step by step guide for how to sell on Etsy

Step 1: Do the groundwork and create an Etsy account

There are a fair few requirements to meet, including a business registration, for example. Creating a business plan will also be helpful. Following that, registering an Etsy account is the next port of call.

Step 2: Create Etsy store and product range

Etsy guides you through a total of six steps when creating a store. The third one requires you to add at least one item to your range. The listing fee per item is $0.20. Add product photos, fill in all the important item details, set a price, and other details. Once you have completed all the steps, your Etsy store will be opened. The store manager will give you insight into sales, statistics and more.

Step 3: Make your Etsy products findable

So that your products get some attention, they need titles that are not too long. It is also important to select suitable product tags. You can pick up to 13 for each article. Think carefully about the search terms that customers enter. Etsy recommends long tail keywords and discourages repetition.

Step 4: Increase your sales with social media

Promo efforts are key if you want to boost sales of the products in your Etsy store. Connect it to your Facebook and/or Twitter account and network with other sellers and vendors from the Etsy community. The latter also works by joining an Etsy team.

Step 5: Sort shipping after item sale

Once you have sold one of your Etsy products, it is your responsibility to ship them promptly. Choose a sturdy package and protect your item using filler and bubble wrap. Fragile items should be handled with care. You can also label your box with a warning label. In terms of cost, expect to pay fees for the shipping label and the transaction.

Step 6: Generate income through product sales

You will get paid for your sales, how this is paid out will depend on the payment methods you selected. If you have chosen Etsy Payments, it is possible for customers to use various options such as PayPal or Apple Pay. You can always check your transfer schedule on Etsy and decide when the pay outs should take place.


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Etsy alternatives

Although Etsy is considered one of the most popular sites for selling art online and other handmade items, it is far from your only option. For instance, there are several Etsy alternatives such as Storenvy and Amazon Handmade. You also have the option of selling your products on social media. The most important social media platforms here include Instagram and Pinterest.

Create your own online store!

Another way is to create your own website with an online store. This way you are not tied to a platform like Etsy. There are the following things to keep in mind here:

Step 1: Before you start your own online store, think about what it will be called.

Step 2: The next step is to find a domain name that matches the store. Make sure that it is appealing and as memorable as possible. This way, your store will benefit from being found easily later on.

Domain Check
  • .com
  • .shopping
  • .sale
  • .art
  • .gifts

Step 3: Once you have laid the foundation for your online store, it’s time to design it. Upload your product range and design the store visually according to your branding. It is also advisable to create a logo.

Step 4: Once your store is ready, increase how much it is visited. Engage with online marketing by making use of social media channels. Contests or promotions will make people aware of your store.


With IONOS, it is possible for you to connect your domain to Etsy in just a few steps. To do this, log in to your Control Panel, select your domain and connect to your Etsy store.

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