Discord bots – the top 20 for your channel

Discord has long shed its status as a pure gaming platform. A growing number of teams and companies are now using the platform to chat or organize video conferences, as an alternative to applications such as Teamspeak or Mumble. An advantage of the online service is that it can be customized using a variety of Discord bots. Each bot serves a different purpose. Read on to find out more about the best 20 Discord bots.

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MEE6 – the best moderation bot

MEE6 refers to itself as the best moderation bot on Discord and it is a valid claim. Users can set up commands, assign roles, create a penalty catalog for inappropriate behavior and automatically warn corresponding users with MEE6. In addition, the bot can be used to control music programming on a server. The bot is an excellent choice, in particular for large servers.

Apollo – scheduling made easy

Apollo is a useful Discord bot because it simplifies joint meetings and arrangements. The bot lets users schedule appointments or events and send invites to participants who can confirm or decline an invite and receive automated reminders of an upcoming event. Regular appointments can be easily set up and kept track of.

Groupflows – event planning made easy

Discord bots like Groupflows are useful to help with scheduling. If you want to schedule a meeting or a personal call, you can use Groupflows to create an event and monitor a list of acceptances and cancelations. The bot also comes with a reminder function.

Translator – quick translations for better exchange

When working in large teams or in a different language, clear communication can be an issue. The Discord bot translator automatically translates over 100 languages to ensure a smooth international exchange. The full version of the service is not free, but a free trial version is available.

Helper – answer queries faster

Helper is one of the best Discord bots for businesses that want to stay in touch with their communities through the platform, while providing good customer service. The bot lets customers send questions and criticism directly via Discord so that businesses are able to respond quickly. The bot is ideal for close customer contact, fast feedback, and a satisfactory solution to customer queries.

StatBot – present user behavior more clearly

StatBot is the right choice when you wish to view usage and user behavior on your own Discord server. The Discord bot displays the number of users engaging with posts, writing messages or other activities. Insights are displayed graphically in charts for you to maintain a full overview for comparison.

Musibeth – music and more

In the first instance, Musibeth is among the classic Discord music bots, which let you play YouTube content on your server. While this will be of interest to many users, those running their own YouTube channel can benefit the most because the bot can promote your channel and boost its popularity.

Community Hubs – looking over the edge

Community Hubs connects different servers. Instead of a closed system, users can interact with other channels through the Discord bot. Although the tool was originally intended for the gaming community, it is useful in a business context too. For example, streams can be shown and bundled simultaneously across several channels.

RhinoBot – ideal for musical accompaniment

RhinoBot adds music to your server. This simple but user-friendly bot lets you play back YouTube videos, create a queue, or schedule a random song order.

Aethex – many features combined

Aethex bundles numerous features making it one of the more comprehensive Discord bots. Simple moderation tools and message integration, user statistics and notifications, small group games and integration of background music from YouTube or SoundCloud are all part of its capabilities. The bot is a real asset for large servers.


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Tatsumaki – the virtual pet

This Discord bot is aimed at original users of the platform. With classic 8-bit graphics, the bot features so-called Tatsugotchis, which sound like “Tamagotchi” for a reason. Users can choose from over 100 virtual pets to stay engaged.

Serum – voice-controlled assistant

Serum accepts user voice commands. Much like Siri or Alexa, the Discord bot performs a task when called up. Serum can be used to adjust volume settings, minimize window sizes and more.

sesh – a Discord calendar

The sesh bot is a classic calendar bot. Users can create appointments and synchronize their calendar apps to it. Other capabilities of the Discord bot include scheduling appointments with different participants via a poll module. The paid version provides more features and additional options.

Carl-bot – one of the friendliest Discord bots

The Carl-bot takes on automated tasks for you to save time. For example, it can assign Reaction Roles based on emojis. You can create custom tags, send automatic warnings in case of misbehavior, and track the server. Though individually its functions appear somewhat minor, when bundled together they help you manage your channel and engage users throughout the process.

ProBot – more control and friendly interactions

The ProBot fulfills several tasks at once. It automatically welcomes new users with an image, plays music, or create user logs. The bot intervenes when server guidelines are violated. It recognizes offensive words and issues warnings or reprimands in response. You can adjust guidelines individually.

Dyno – allrounder

Dyno is a jack-of-all-trades and helps you manage your server. The dashboard makes it easy to take over moderation or submit tasks, auto-assign roles, and set rules. Individually, all these activities would take a lot of time, but thanks to the Discord bot, tasks are sped up while you keep track of everything.

Dank Memer – an endless source of memes

Memes belong in every community, and Dank Memer puts them at your fingertips. With simple shortcuts, you can select appropriate memes, ranging from cute animal photos to funny pictures. Moreover, you can use the Discord bot to play mini games.

Rythm – the right soundtrack for your channel

Rythm adds music to Discord. Accentuate your channel with the right sound by playing a single song or a full playlist. You decide whether other users are allowed to add songs or manage playlists. YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and Spotify are supported.

DisCrypto – buy cryptocurrencies made easy

This open-source bot lets you purchase cryptocurrencies hassle-free and provides useful features such as wallet generation or conversion. While this may not be interesting for everyone, enthusiasts will find DisCrypto and its active community one of the best Discord bots available.

TriviaBot – turn your channel into a quiz

Test your knowledge with the TriviaBot! Over 100,000 questions are waiting to be answered by you and/or other users. TriviaBot can be played alone, but is much more fun with several participants. Form teams and display the results across a leaderboard. You can submit your questions to benefit a more individualized quiz experience.

How to install Discord Bots?

The bottom line is you can choose from a huge number of different Discord bots. Even creating your own Discord bots is possible. But how do you add them to your own channel?

Fortunately, adding Discord bots to your website is as easy as 1-2-3. Most bots will display an add or install button on their website. Once you click on it, you can log into Discord and select the channel which you want to use the bot for. Last but not least, click “Authorize” and you will be able to use the Discord bot via shortcuts.

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