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What is a .gg domain?

A domain with the ending or country-code top level domain (ccTLD) “.gg” is the official domain name for the Channel Island of Guernsey and a handful of other islands in the English Channel. But it’s not limited to those living or working there. In the e-sports world and in online gaming, the .gg domain name is becoming an increasingly popular extension. That’s because “gg” stands for “good game” – a term exchanged by gamers at the end of a game as a sign of respect. But there are many other creative applications for the up-and-coming .gg domain ending.

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Which purposes are .gg domains suitable for?

If you are based on one of the Channel Islands, then the .gg domain ending is a great choice. For businesses, using a .gg domain lets you target residents more easily and serves to boost your credibility among locals. But the gaming world has been catching up. If you are thinking of launching a gaming or sports-related website, the .gg domain name is sure to appeal to your audience.

Whether you are presenting gaming videos, reviews, or similar, then this short and sweet domain ending should be at the top of your list. Another way to use the .gg domain is to incorporate the letters into a clever play on words, such as “,” “,” or “” A creative brand name is always a great way to get people’s attention and awaken their curiosity.

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.gg domain – FAQ

Run a domain name search with IONOS to check if the .gg domain you’re after is available. Simply enter your desired domain name, including your preferred domain extension, and choose from a list of suitable extensions. Once you’ve found a .gg domain you’d like to purchase, follow the simple registration process. Registration applies to one year and re@badgeNews automatically. With IONOS, you can add web hosting or a complete website builder solution if you are looking to set up a website but don’t have the necessary coding know-how.

You should definitely not miss out on the opportunity to buy a .gg domain extension if you are in the gaming industry. For online gamers, “GG” is like a handshake, a sign of sportsmanship and etiquette – but it’s also used in “real” life. Competitive games like poker or basketball often see players saying “good game” once the match is over. And because it is so short, a .gg domain can also be used in your social media marketing. A .gg domain will make it easier for online game enthusiasts to relate to your brand and will help you to stand out from the crowd with something more unique.

Yes. Although ccTLDs are usually restricted to inhabitants of the specific countries, anyone can buy the .gg domain. Guernsey residents are still more than welcome to make use of the .gg domain, but gamers, sports fans, and horse racing enthusiasts are free to purchase the TLD. .gg domain registration is easy with IONOS. When choosing your .gg domain name you only need to consider staying within 63 characters. Feel free to use numbers, letters, and hyphens, but refrain from adding special characters.

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