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Why buy a .org domain?

Because it's the easiest way to show your audience that you serve the community.

People trust .org domains

For over 30 years, organizations of all sizes have been building their online presence on .org and for good reason! .org domains are synonymous with trust, charitable causes, and good intentions.

Fundraising potential

Your .org provides the perfect location for your fundraising page, whether that's for your nonprofit's website or your business's charitable arm. Gain your donors' trust with a .org domain.

The home for nonprofits

Whether it's a nonprofit, NGO, civic group, political party, charity, environmental cause, or association you want to tell the world about, a .org domain is a powerful stage for bringing your mission to your audience.

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How do I launch my nonprofit online?

Get off to the right start with our checklist.


Develop your mission

If you've already got a mission statement, great! You're half-way there. Otherwise, you should think about your organization's mission before you launch your website on your .org domain. You can start by writing down your goals.


Check local law

You don't need to register your organization as a 501(c) to register a .org domain, but it can help with fundraising. A .org domain signals trust, but a 501(c) says to possible donors that you're a nonprofit organization, making their contribution tax deductible.


Design your logo

Logos are more likely to get noticed and remembered — they also look great on t-shirts! But before you pay for a graphic designer, try creating your own logo for free with our Logo Generator.


Choose your platform

It's time to tell the world! Before you build your website, think about which platform you want to use. If you need some help deciding, here's a rundown of the most popular ways to build a website.


Register your .org

You'll need a domain name for your website. If the name of your organization is already taken, choose something else that's easy to remember. Simple is usually better!


Build your website

Let's build your website! Whether you choose our WordPress hosting or a beginner-friendly website builder like MyWebsite, you'll find personalized customer support and helpful tips at IONOS.

Register .org domains — FAQs

You don't have to be a non-profit organization to register a .org domain. This domain is now open to anybody with an organization that is non-commercial in nature. If you're a business with a charitable arm, a .org domain is great way to signal to website visitors that you also have philanthropic or other aims.

The .org domain extension is ideal for any organization or cause that is nonprofit or not-for-profit in nature. These include sports teams, schools, fraternities, sororities, civic and political organizations, houses of worship, open-source software projects, environmental groups and causes, volunteer groups, and some non-governmental institutions.

If you're a school or accredited institute of higher education than you'll need to host your website with .edu. Governmental entities located in the United States use a .gov domain

Securing your very own .org domain with IONOS couldn’t be easier. First, you will first need to ensure that your domain name is available. You can do this by simply entering your desired name into the search bar at the top of the page. If the domain name you selected isn’t available, you will be provided with several similar alternatives. For example, you might get a recommended synonym or slight variation in your chosen name. Once you’ve selected a domain name, it’s then simply a matter of following our simple registration instructions.

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