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Logo Generator: Step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Enter your name, slogan, and industry

To get started, select your industry from the dropdown menu. From cosmetics to finance and everything in between, the IONOS Logo Generator has designs to suit all sectors. Then enter your company name and slogan before proceeding to the design stage. Alternatively, you do not need to specify an industry. Instead, select a pictogram (icon) that suits your company to incorporate into the design proposals.

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Step 2: Choose your logo design

Browse our extensive range of professional logo designs based on your chosen industry and select your favorite. All the designs are unique and use your business name and slogan in the preview. You can edit the logo text at any time. For a different set of design options, change the industry in the dropdown menu. Once you're happy with your chosen design, finish the process. You can always make changes later.

Logo Generator select design

Step 3: Edit icons, colors, and fonts

You can customize your logo with the editor. Choose from a selection of different layouts, then click on each element of the logo to edit the colors and font. You can also reposition individual components using the drag-and-drop function. It is also possible to adjust the size and position of the icon. Want to see what others think of your design? Use the Share button to send a link and get feedback from your team.

Logo Generator edit design

Step 4: Save your logo

To save your logo, first enter your email address. You will receive an email containing your logo download link. Click the link and download your created logo for free. You can choose your preferred file format. A scalable vector graphic (SVG ) is included, so that you can adjust the size of the logo for different purposes. Once you're done, you can use your free company logo for your business or brand.

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Logo maker

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Once you have the right idea, there are many ways to create your own company logo. If you are tech savvy, you can design your logo and export it using image processing software. High-quality graphics programs, however, are usually expensive and also require prior technical knowledge.

You can also hire an external agency to design your logo, which gives you the advantage of dictating all of the aspects of your desired logo design while giving you the flexibility to adapt to your own specifications. However, these services are usually quite expensive and are not optimal for smaller companies.

Another way to create your own website logo is to utilize an online logo creator. This allows you to design your logo online using your own browser, without prior knowledge or additional software. The Logo Maker from IONOS offers you exceptional services to create your logo online for free.

The IONOS Logo Generator quickly and easily presents you with a broad range of logo design ideas featuring your company name. With easy-to-use tools, you can design the layout, colors, fonts, and arrangement of your logo according to your wishes. This allows you to create your own logo easily by hand.

Your company logo is not just a simple advertising image for your company — it is the heart of your corporate design and the visual sign that connects customers right away. In order to ensure that your company logo fits you perfectly, you should take a few important points into account when designing. Before you go about the visual design, you should consider what your company stands for, what makes it especially attractive to the target group you are addressing, and what effect you want to achieve.

In addition to the basic design of your logo with the right graphics and picture elements, the interaction of the font and the color is important, as the shape, layout, and tone of the logo determine how your brand affects potential customers. There’s a reason why certain logos are more memorable than others — it's the design!

The color scheme of your company logo should match both your industry and your product or services. A color wheel, which divides the primary colors red, yellow, and blue into a spectrum, can be useful in the decision. It helps to test color combinations, for example, monochrome combinations with a main color tone or complementary color combinations with different or contrasting colors.

This is where you define the creative framework, the look of your brand, and your own guidelines for form, color, font, and layout. Your logo is an indispensable visual component that your customers should recognize as iconic, either as part of your website, business cards, mailings, or merchandise.

If you are planning to create your own company logo and want to ensure that it is a suitable design that will help present a uniform corporate image, similar to your corporate website, you might find creating a style guide particularly useful.

Depending on what you offer your customers, you want to convey your image and values with your logo. Certain designs and color combinations have proven to be particularly suitable for some industries. If, for example, you are creating a logo for a conservative business field, colder blues or greens are a safe choice. These shades are calming and convey maturity, trustworthiness, and seriousness, which is important in real estate offices, law firms, insurance companies, or banks.

For other professions, where impulsiveness, dynamism, and passion play a dominant role, warm color combinations with red, orange, or purple can also be used; for example, in advertising companies, creative agencies, or furnishing houses.

Is your business more open, creative, and modern, such as a colorful cupcake shop, a bar with a hip scene, or a funky boutique? Then unusual or colorful color combinations could help your brand stand out. Contrasting designs with elegant black or neutral white can also offer a pleasant visual appeal.

You can even use color-inverted logos, use the white font on a dark background, or combine different font types. But the most important thing is, do not choose a logo design for your company that does not meet your expectations, values, and goals. Let yourself be inspired and test different variants.

There is a lot of freedom when you design your own logo. The IONOS Logo Generator gives you a wide range of fonts, shapes, and color combinations that you can customize. This gives you the look that best supports your brand. When you design your company logo you can, for example, use forms or symbols that are directly or abstractly linked to your offer.

For example, if you sell products of a certain category (such as shoes, jewelry, cars or mobile phones), or cover a specific service (such as medicine, technology, or craft), a logo design that outlines such a product could be appropriate for your business and resonate with your customers. An effective and clear combination of words and images that customers can identify with will help build trust with your audience.

Concise and clear logo designs are a particularly good choice because they are more recognizable on mobile devices than complex or filigree logos. Similar to current web design trends the general consensus in corporate design is that mobile surfing for customer generation is incredibly important. When you create your own logo, you should be careful not to overload your design with too many visual elements.

However, if you want to make your website or company logo more exciting or playful – for example, with bright colors or flowing color transitions, geometric symbols, intricate shapes, or three-dimensional objects — you should also not be afraid to do so. Here, it is important that the design has a suitable recognition value for your services. It'll go a long way in helping you in over customers.

The Logo Maker allows you to save your designs in different file formats. For example, you can create a PNG logo, as well as GIF, JPG, and SVG logos for free, which can be read and reused, for example as an element on your corporate website. However, these so-called raster files consist of individual pixels and cannot be enlarged without a loss in quality. For this purpose, however, vector files are suitable, which allow you to edit your logo and output it without any loss. The Logo Builder allows you to save your logos in the vector format SVG.

These file formats ensure that your logo can be used as an unlimited, scalable design for materials such as brochures or letterheads. This gives you maximum flexibility and means you can process your logo in the best quality for all marketing purposes. Whether you want to add your logo to email signatures, print it on business cards, integrate it into your website, or present it in social networks — the IONOS Logo Maker lets you use your files as many times as you want.

Yes. A great advantage of the IONOS Logo Generator is that it allows you to integrate your personal logo directly into your advertising media. When you create your own logo with the Logo Maker from IONOS you can adapt it at any time, utilizing it for other advertising media is quick and simple.

Moreover, you can already see the various ways in which your logo will impact your corporate design and your customers, with the unique preview mode. Once you have saved your logo, you will be given a preview of how it looks on your business card or advertisements, such as t-shirts, cups, pens, etc. If that’s not enough, you can even directly request the appropriate advertising material for your company.

No. The Logo Generator from IONOS is completely browser-based. This means that it functions without needing to install complicated software. Not only does it make it easy for you to create your logo online, you also don’t need prior image processing knowledge in order to design your company logo. All you have to do is choose your favorite motif, a matching font, and a pleasing color scheme from the various design proposals that the Logo Builder presents.

So, you decide which style you like best for your logo. With the help of the practical and simple image processing tool in the Logo Generator, you can then flexibly customize your logo, adapting the layout, color and size, image and text elements at any time. In this way you are able to create a company logo that is attractive, stands out, and represents your company perfectly all without any technical knowledge.

No. The browser-based Logo Maker from IONOS allows you to easily create your logo online and save it as a file. All you need is an Internet-enabled browser, which allows you to access the Logo Maker. Therefore, you do not need to buy, download, or install separate software to use this logo design tool. The logo tool is compatible with the most common browsers and can be used immediately, without any intermediate steps. You can therefore work flexibly with the Logo Maker and conveniently create your logo online without being dependent on any specific operating systems.

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